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OK, it’s time to get started. Remember: It is critical to know that the FAFSA school code for all Argosy University campuses is 021799.

Now that you have this FAFSA school code, it’s time to Apply for your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can apply for a PIN as you complete the FAFSA form on the Web, but it’s helpful to apply for a PIN ahead of time. Then you will have it available when you are ready to complete your FAFSA form.

Before you start to complete your FAFSA form, you may want to visit Student Aid on the Web for more information. Remember that you are not alone. If you need assistance, contact the Student Financial Aid Office at the Argosy University campus of your choice.

Ready? Use this link to take you to the FAFSA form, where you will be taking the first step to funding your education. After you fill out the FAFSA form, your school will receive an electronic copy of the form approximately a week after you submit it. Once your school receives the electronic copy, you should contact a student financial aid officer at your chosen school. This officer will work with you to devise a student financial plan based on your needs and circumstances.

After completing and submitting your FAFSA form, you also will need to complete the Argosy University Institutional Financial Aid Application. Return this form to the Office of Student Financial Services at your chosen Argosy University campus.

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