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Graduate Transfer Credit Criteria

College graduate credits completed are acceptable for transfer under the following conditions:

  • Transfer of credits requests are not granted until students have been accepted into a program of study.
  • The course must have been a graduate-level course, taken for equivalent or greater credit at a regionally accredited college or university or nationally accrediting agency recognized by the USDE and CHEA. In the case of institutions outside the United States, the appropriate equivalent accreditation is required. Unless otherwise approved by the College Dean, “Equivalent graduate-level credit” refers to both content and degree level of the course.
  • Students must have earned a grade of “B” or better for any course submitted.

Transfer credit maximums by program:

College Program Transfer Credit Maximum
Business Master of Business Administration* 12
  Master of Public Administration 12
  Master of Science in Management 12
  Master of Science in Human Resource Management, Master of Science in Non-Profit Management, Master of Science in Service Sector Management, and Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. 9
  Doctor of Business Administration 15
Doctor of Education 15
Education Master of Arts in Education (program total credit hours 30 credit hours or less) 9
Master of Arts in Education (program total credit hour greater than 30 credit hours) 12
  Education Specialist 12
  Doctor of Education 15
  Doctor of Psychology 30
Health Sciences Master of Science 12
  Master of Public Health 12
Psychology Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology* 15
  Master of Arts-Other 12
  Doctor of Education 15
  Doctor of Psychology* 30
  • Programs may determine that certain courses are not eligible for transfer of credit.
  • Argosy University does not accept for graduate credit any credits earned as military credit, credit by examination, credit by correspondence, credit for life experience, or graduate credit from non-accredited schools unless offered in an approved program or under an arrangement approved by the dean of the appropriate college of Argosy University or otherwise provided for in this catalog.
  • Official transcripts are required for transfer credit to be considered.
  • Students may be required to provide a copy of the catalog description and/or the course syllabus from the institution where the credit was awarded to validate that the course satisfies the transfer credit criteria.
  • Argosy University will accept a maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate-level continuing education toward elective credit in a master’s degree program if offered through The Connecting Link, an approved partner of Argosy University, and approved as transfer credit by the dean of the degree program (see Section Thirteen, Graduate Course Listings for available courses).
  • Final decisions on accepting graduate-level continuing education coursework as transfer credit are made by the program in which the student is enrolled; therefore, students are not guaranteed that coursework will be accepted for transfer until they have applied for and received approval from the program chair of their program.

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