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Argosy University, Atlanta; Argosy University, Chicago; Argosy University, Dallas; Argosy University, Denver; Argosy University, Hawai‘i; Argosy University, Inland Empire; Argosy University, Los Angeles; Argosy University, Nashville; Argosy University, Orange County; Argosy University, Phoenix; Argosy University, Salt Lake City; Argosy University, San Diego; Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area; Argosy University, Sarasota; Argosy University, Schaumburg; Argosy University, Seattle; Argosy University, Tampa; Argosy University, Twin Cities; Argosy University, Washington DC

Research Core Requirements — Students Are Required to Take the Following


Research Elective — Students Choose One of the Following


R7034 - Advanced Statistical Methods (3)
R7036 - Program Evaluation Methods (3)
R7037 - Survey Techniques (3)
R7038 - Action Research (3)
R7040 - Advanced Qualitative Methods credit hours

Research Core Requirements — 15 Credit Hours


R7001 - Introduction to Research Methods (3)
R7031 - Methods and Analysis of Quantitative Research (3)
R7035 - Methods and Analysis of Qualitative Research (3)
W7000 - Advanced Academic Study and Writing (3)
Core Requirements — Students Are Required to Take the Following


Core Requirements — 24 Credit Hours


L7101 - Foundations of Leadership (3)
L7431 - Theory and Development of Motivation (3)
L7432 - Professional Development in Leadership (3)
L7438 - Team Development and Leadership (3)
L7450 - Interpersonal and Organizational Communication (3)
L7451 - Leading Through and Beyond Change (3)
L7452 - Leadership and Ethics (3)
L7900 - Conflict Management (3)
Elective Requirements

 Students choose three electives (9 credit hours) from the 7000 or 8000 level from any of the colleges of Argosy University in consultation with the program chair and/or advisor. Students should be aware that some courses have prerequisites or are otherwise unsuitable as for non-program students.

Dissertation Requirements — Student Are Required to Choose One of the Following Tracks*


Track One


D9001 - Dissertation (3)
D9002 - Dissertation (3)
D9003 - Dissertation (3)
D9004 - Dissertation (3)

Track Two


D9501 - Dissertation (1.5)
D9502 - Dissertation (3)
D9503 - Dissertation (3)
D9504 - Dissertation (3)
D9505 - Dissertation (1.5)

Dissertation Requirements — 12 Credit Hours



*Unless otherwise advised, students who begin dissertation Session I will follow Track One. Students who begin dissertation Session II will follow Track Two.

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