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Core Course Requirements

Students enrolled in the MPH degree program are required to take thirteen core courses (39 credit hours).

Core Course Requirements--Students Are Required to Take The Following


HM6020 - Accounting and Finance for Managers (3)
HM6110 - Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
PH6010 - History and Foundations of Public Health (3)
PH6012 - Epidemiology and Risk Management (3)
PH6014 - Biostatistics: Analysis and Application (3)
PH6016 - Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness (3)
PH6018 - Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Implications on Health (3)
PH6020 - Health Policy and Analysis (3)
PH6022 - Health Communications and Social Marketing (3)
PH6024 - Performance Improvement Systems in Public Health (3)
PH6510 - Change Implementation and Management in Public Health Systems (3)
PH6512 - Public Health Informatics (3)
PH6514 - Public Health in the 21st Century (3)

Core Requirements--39 Credit Hours


Field Experience Requirements

Students enrolled in the MPH degree program will have the opportunity to  apply the concepts of public health through a supervised field experience in local and state public health agencies. Students will be evaluated on the application of skills acquired during the coursework. Students complete the field experience sequence in two consecutive 7.5 week sessions.

Field Experience Requirements--Students Are Required toTake the Following


PH6606 - Field Experience I: Leadership in Public Health (1.5)
PH6607 - Field Experience II: Leadership in Public Health (1.5)

Field Experience Requirements—3 Credit Hours*


*Students enrolled in the MPH degree program offered at Argosy University, Chicago and Argosy University, Schaumburg are required to complete PH 6604 Practicum I: Leadership in Public Health  and PH 6605 Practicum II: Leadership in Public Health to fulfill this requirement.

Capstone Requirements

Students enrolled in the MPH degree program are required to complete a summative project exploring connections among health-related problems, consider those connections when developing health policies, and how they align with other avenues of social change to assure the conditions in which all people can be healthy.

Capstone Requirements--Students Are Required to Take the Following


PH6602 - Capstone Project: Writing a Public Health Grant (3)

Capstone Requirements--3 Credit Hours


All fields required


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