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Argosy University, Atlanta; Argosy University, Dallas; Argosy University, Denver; Argosy University, Hawai‘i; Argosy University, Inland Empire; Argosy University, Los Angeles; Argosy University, Nashville; Argosy University, Orange County; Argosy University, Phoenix; Argosy University, Salt Lake City; Argosy University, San Diego; Argosy University, San Francisco Bay Area; Argosy University, Sarasota;  Argosy University, Seattle; Argosy University, Tampa; Argosy University, Twin Cities; Argosy University, Washington DC

General Education Curriculum Requirements (42 Credit Hours)

All students are required to take 14 courses or 42 credit hours in General Education distributed as follows:

  • 6 credit hours in academic and interpersonal skills1
  • 6 credit hours in communication
  • 6 credit hours in humanities2
  • 6 credit hours in social sciences consisting of ECO 201 and ECO 2023
  • 6 credit hours in natural science
  • 6 credit hours in mathematics
  • 6 credit hours in elective courses (which may be in any distribution area)

1To satisfy the Academic and Interpersonal Skills requirements, students are required to take ASP 100 Skills for Success and PSY 180 Interpersonal Effectiveness during the first semester of attendance. Academic and Interpersonal Skills requirements are 3 credit hours at Argosy University, Twin Cities and are fulfilled by successful completion of PSY180 Interpersonal Effectiveness. Students at Argosy University, Twin Cities are not required to take ASP100 Skills for Success.

2Students at Argosy University, Twin Cities are required to take 9 credit hours within the humanities category.

3Students at Argosy University, Twin Cities are required to take 9 credit hours within the social sciences category.


Business Core Requirements (18 Credit Hours)

Students enrolled in the AS in Business Administration degree program must complete 6 business core courses or 18 credit hours.

Business Core Requirements—Students Are Required to Take the Following


ACC201 - Principles of Accounting (3)
BUS201 - Introduction to Business in a Technology World (3)
BUS212 - Business Law and Corporate Ethics (3)
FIN201 - Foundations of Building Wealth (3)
MGT240 - Motivating and Managing People (3)
MKT230 - Principles of Marketing (3)

Business Core Requirements—18 Credit Hours


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