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Financial Aid

There are many financial aid resources available to help students who qualify for financial aid to meet the costs of their education.

Every year many students and their families take advantage of one or more of the resources you will find on these Web pages.

Most financial aid is based on individual economic circumstances. At Argosy University, we know the importance of funding your education, so these Web pages offer a variety of ways to start the process. And remember, it’s never too early to start the financial aid process. It’s important to note, too, that the information on the following Web pages is subject to change at any time.

While it is not critical that you have applied to and been accepted by the Argosy University campus of your choice, it is important that you obtain the FAFSA code for Argosy University. If you have not selected an Argosy University campus yet, explore our locations to discover which school is right for you.

All Argosy University campuses use the same FAFSA school code: 021799. This code will need to appear on your FAFSA Application.

Financial Literacy

We are proud to present our new Financial Literacy resource, iGrad! We strongly encourage our students to utilize iGrad's full library of resources including their updated short video presentations, relevant current articles on a wide array of financial topics, calculators, games, a job search function, and the ability to create a customized profile of personally relevant information to best suit their personal needs. All of these resources will provide valuable tips and lessons for understanding financial aid and for managing all of their finances wisely. Some of the topics covered include financial aid processes and awards, paying for college; time management; credit management; preparing for life after college; and personal finance tips for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. These resources can be referenced at any time and will be updated as new information and resources become available.

If you decide to meet with a financial aid officer at the Argosy University location of your choice to start the financial aid process, or if you would like to complete part of this process online, we can help. The following links will get you started. However, before you apply for a direct loan, it is critical that you meet with a financial aid officer at the Argosy University campus you want to attend.

Application for financial aid is a yearly process, so you can refer to these financial aid pages to help make sure you stay on track with your financial aid needs throughout the duration of your education program. The Argosy University Financial Aid Guide (pdf) is also a key reference for you.

The following links will help you to understand the financial aid process and how to complete the FAFSA form to prepare to receive Federal financial aid.

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