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How to Fill Out the FAFSA Online


The information presented here will help you to understand the financial aid process and how to complete the FAFSA form in order to prepare to receive Federal financial aid.

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What is Verification?
Some students' files are selected to be verified. This means that the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR)/Student Aid Report (SAR) must be checked for accuracy by receiving tax returns, a verification worksheet, and other information from the student/parent, according to the guidelines in the Federal Application and Verification Guide. Some students are selected by the US Department of Education for verification and others are selected by the school.

While it is not critical that you have applied to and been accepted by the Argosy University campus of your choice, it is important that you obtain the FAFSA code for Argosy University. If you have not selected an Argosy University campus yet, explore our locations to discover which school is right for you.

All Argosy University campuses use the same FAFSA school code: 021799. This code will need to appear on your FAFSA form.

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