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Admissions Requirements

The director/coordinator of the certificate program will coordinate all admissions with the assistance of the Forensics Psychology Committee. Eligible doctoral students must be in good standing at Argosy University, Schaumburg and have the approval of their faculty advisor prior to application. For postdoctoral applicants, the admission process will depend on the review/matriculation of the applicant’s previous education and experience.

Applied Experience Requirements
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology Students
Students in the PsyD in Clinical Psychology program will complete 500 hours of applied training at sites approved by the Forensic Psychology Committee (made up of the coordinator of the Postgraduate Certificate and faculty with a specialty in forensics) on a case-by-case basis. In addition, those students will be required to complete the practicum seminars under the supervision of one of the Forensic Committee members. These students will also be required to complete their Clinical Research Project in a forensics related topic.

PsyD in Clinical Psychology students will also be strongly encouraged to complete an APA approved internship in forensic psychology to help them prepare for professional work and board certification if they desire.

Postdoctoral Applicants
Postdoctoral applicants will be required to undergo a credential review during the application process to determine their qualification for waiver of any coursework.

The four core courses cannot be waived unless the applicant can demonstrate equivalency for that particular core course. However, a wide range of forensic electives would be considered for waiver based on the applicant’s needs and future goals. Applied training may also be waived in part. However, postdoctoral students will be required to complete 25 percent of their applied clinical hours in a professional seminar to ensure quality and consistency of training. The Forensic Psychology Committee will review the applicant’s current and previous work history.

Those applicants who can demonstrate supervised hours in a forensic setting at the graduate level or above will be considered for waiver on a case-by-case basis. Postdoctoral students without the opportunity to obtain applied clinical hours will be offered the opportunity to complete this component in a one-year seminar that will meet weekly to provide exposure to forensic assessment and treatment. See the Postgraduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology coordinator or program chair for specific requirements and application procedures.

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