Student Success

Our Student Success

Graduation Rates
The Student Right to Know Act, as regulated by the Department of Education requires the publishing of graduation rates, as defined by the Department of Education.

Completion Statistics
Apart from the government defined graduation rate, there are additional students who complete their degree requirements each year. These students might include students who transferred in, part time students or students who completed their degree outside of the 150% calculation defined in the Student Right to Know Act. The total number of awards/degrees conferred at The Argosy University, Hawaii between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013 was 138.

Transfer Out Rates
Information on transfer out rates can be found here.

Annual Retention Rates
For information on our annual retention rates, please click here.

Cohort Default Rates
For Information on cohort default rates, please click here. Cohort default rates help to measure the percentage of students within a specific cohort who enter into repayment on federal student loans within a specific timeframe. The United States Government releases official data once per academic year, with the new rates scheduled to be released in September of this year. Please contact your Student Financial Services professional with questions regarding these rates.

Placement Rate
Placement Rate data can also be found by visiting our Gainful Employment pages. When there, please make sure to have the right campus location and to select your program of choice.

Licensure Pass Rates
Some programs and/or states require students to take and pass licensing exams. Time frames for completing licensure exams may range from 2-10 years after graduation. Rates shown are most current rates but may positively change due to additional students taking and passing their exams. If you have any questions, please contact your Academic counselor for more information. Here are the most current Licensure Pass Rates for some of our programs. Here you can also find a helpful resource of State Board Licensure websites for applicable programs in applicable states should you need more information.