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1. Who would I contact at my former Argosy campus to inquire about returning?

ANSWER: If you have withdrawn from all of your classes and would like to return you can complete and submit your readmissions request online! You can also contact the admissions office at your Argosy campus to assist you with your questions about returning to classes.

2. How soon could I return to Argosy University?

ANSWER: You could return the next starting term as long as you are academically eligible and have completed the financial aid clearance process.

3. How do I find out the status of my student loans?

ANSWER: You should contact your lender, or if you do no know who your lender is you should contact a Student Loan Advisor or Financial Aid Officer who assisted you when you last attended.

4. How do I find out if I have a balance due directly to Argosy University?

ANSWER: You should contact the Accounting Office at the campus you last attended.

5. Can I transfer my credits to another Argosy University location?

ANSWER: The location where you desire to transfer to would make that determination based on receiving and reviewing an official transcript from your former campus.

6. Can I switch my major/program?

ANSWER: You would want to discuss this decision with your Academic Advisor and/or the Departmental Chairperson prior to changing your major/program.

7. How do I know if I am in good academic standing?

ANSWER: You can contact your Academic Advisor and/or your Departmental Chairperson.

8. Will all my credits I previously earned at Argosy University still be valid?

ANSWER: It depends on when the credits were earned and other criteria. We recommend that you speak to your Academic Advisor and/or Departmental Chairperson to review your academic record with you.

9. I’ve attended another school/college since I last attended Argosy University. Will those credits transfer back to the Argosy location I want to return to?

ANSWER: You should contact the Admissions Office at the Argosy location you wish to return to and they will be able to explain the school policy on transfer of credits, post-matriculation.

10. I was dismissed from campus and now desire to return. How should I proceed?

ANSWER: You should speak to the Student Affairs Office at your former campus and they can assist you into the specific appeal procedures at that location.

11. If had a scholarship when I previously attended, would it still be valid if I choose to return?

ANSWER: It would depend on the type of scholarship. The Financial Aid Office could assist you in finding this answer.

12. Are there any fees in returning to Argosy University?

ANSWER: There are no readmission fees if you are returning within one year from your last date of attendance. However, if you have been out of school for more than one year, you should contact the admissions office of your Argosy location to discuss any associated fees, admission criteria and other pertinent admission information.

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