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Obtaining voluntary consent for electronic transactions

Before conducting electronic transactions to provide to a recipient of Federal Student Aid, the University is required to obtain from the recipient the affirmative consent to the use of an electronic record. The recipient’s consent must be voluntary and based on accurate information about the transactions to be completed.

The consent must be obtained in a manner that reasonably demonstrates that the individual is able to access the information to be provided in an electronic form. For example, if the University is going to send financial information by email, we could send a request for consent to the recipient via email, require the recipient to respond in a like manner, and maintain a record of that response.

Safeguarding confidential information in electronic processes

Any time a school uses an electronic process to record or transmit confidential information or obtain a student’s confirmation, acknowledgment or approval, the University is required to adopt reasonable safeguards against possible fraud and abuse. Reasonable safeguards we may take include:

  • Password protection
  • Password changes at set intervals
  • Access revocation for unsuccessful log-ins
  • User identification and entry-point tracking
  • Random audit surveys
  • Security tests of the code access

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