About Argosy University

About Argosy University
About Argosy University

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14:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Student-to-Faculty Ratio

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At Argosy University, we’re proud to support one of the largest communities of graduate students in the nation as well as an active, thriving undergraduate community. As a student, you’ll enjoy a collegial, supportive academic environment that emphasizes teaching and practical training across the areas of education, business, health sciences and psychology. Each of our programs is designed to instill the knowledge, ethical values, and interpersonal skills of professional practice and to foster values of social responsibility in a supportive, learner-centered environment of mutual respect and academic excellence.

Statement of Mission

At Argosy University, our passion is teaching and learning. We develop professional competence, provide opportunity for personal growth, and foster interpersonal effectiveness. Students succeed because our university community engages and supports them.


Argosy University is a university community dedicated to delivering high quality professional education programs to working professionals. The university serves these individuals by offering doctoral, masters, post-graduate certificate and undergraduate programs in professional and career fields as well as continuing education and professional development services. Argosy University dedicates itself to offering its programs and services in ways that are accessible and responsive to the needs of its students. By focusing on the development of key educational and professional competencies, the university is able to serve effectively its student body and the needs of the professions served by its programs. The Argosy University community therefore embraces the following institutional beliefs and values:

We Believe in Quality
We believe that the programs of Argosy University must be offered at the highest levels of rigor, professionalism and ethical standards. This focus on quality will reward graduates for their investment of time, talent and resources by preparing them for professional advancement.

We Believe in Access
We believe that students should have access to the programs and services of Argosy University in modes of delivery most compatible with their life and work commitments as well as their educational needs and Argosy University’s commitment to quality.

We Believe in Diversity
We believe that Argosy University has a responsibility to reach out to diverse groups of learners who need and want the professional educational programs and services we offer. We believe that diversity of faculty and staff and their background and experience enriches the educational process for all students. We believe that every program must prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge to effectively support the diverse needs of the populations they will serve. This diversity will ultimately strengthen the professions they enter and improve the services they provide to their clients and customers.

We Believe in Student Focus
We believe in a responsive learning-centered process that enables each student to realize his or her own potential. We believe in offering an environment that emphasizes care, concern and mutual respect for the students as both individuals and as professionals.

We Believe in Practicality
We believe in education that integrates practical learning experiences and outcomes that reflect the skills and competencies of the professions Argosy University serves; those required by the employers of Argosy University’s graduates. We believe our faculty must contribute professional expertise as well as scholarship to the learning process.

We Believe in Respect
We believe that people, students, faculty, staff, and those in the communities we serve deserve to be treated in a manner that reflects mutual respect and a high regard for the other person. We believe that all should be treated with a personal caring attitude that reflects respect and positive regard.

Faculty experience

Our talented faculty and staff are dedicated to providing you with the skills, guidance and confidence needed to thrive in your chosen field. Our faculty believes learning comes from doing, so they don’t just lecture-they engage. In addition to their academic training, faculty members rely on their own personal and professional experiences to help you understand the practical application of your studies.

Flexible learning

Argosy University offers degree programs in flexible learning formats, including online, evening, and weekend courses—all built to fit your busy schedule. Learn at one of our 28 campus locations across the US or in an interactive online classroom that’s accessible any time, day or night. Or, combine the two for a blended online and campus experience that meets your unique needs.

Personalized support

Because we believe the true measure of a university is not student enrollment, but student success, you’ll receive one-on-one support from our faculty and staff from enrollment to graduation, customized to your precise needs. Your peers will be other adult students who, like you, want to expand their knowledge, build on their expertise, and enhance their career potential. We’ve also assembled a selection of resources that can help you along the way, including online and campus libraries, career services, academic advising, tutoring, and much more!

Rich heritage

At Argosy University, we offer an education built on a tradition of innovation and professionalism. The history of Argosy University began in September 2001 with the merging of three separate and distinguished academic institutions - The American Schools of Professional Psychology, The University of Sarasota, and the Medical Institute of Minnesota. The combination of these schools created a unique learning environment that continues today in our campuses and our online programs, where we still embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and focus on the application of knowledge to the professional world.

Find an area of study that interests you

College of Arts and Sciences Degrees at Argosy University

Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences offers students the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their field of choice.

College of Clinical Psychology Degrees at Argosy University

Clinical Psychology

The Schools of Professional Psychology at Argosy University have a history of providing students with programs with an emphasis on training and practice.

College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences Degrees at Argosy University

Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences

The College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences prepares students for rewarding careers in psychology and counseling.

College of Education Degrees at Argosy University


The College of Education helps transform aspiring educators into inspiring teachers and administrators.

College of Health Sciences Degrees at Argosy University

Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences provides the skills students need to become well-educated and trained allied health professionals.

Graduate School of Business and Management Degrees at Argosy University

Graduate School of Business and Management

The College of Business equips graduates for careers in a competitive business world.

The College Of Creative Arts and Design Degrees at Argosy University

Creative Arts and Design

Argosy University’s College of Creative Arts and Design offers you the opportunity to study in the areas of design, media arts, fashion, or culinary at the California locations of The Art Institutes system of schools.

Western State College of Law at Argosy University Degrees at Argosy University


Western State College of Law at Argosy University is known for its diversity, its long history, and its commitment to providing legal education focused on practical skills and hands-on experience.