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Argosy University offers many scholarship and grant opportunities for prospective and current students as well as alumni of our school. These resources may be restricted to certain programs, campuses, and other requirements and are subject to change at any time. Please contact the Student Financial Services team for further information and requirements on each scholarship or grant.

Argosy Advance Scholarship Program

(Argosy University, Nashville)
In an effort to assist students seeking to complete their undergraduate degree programs in Psychology (BA) or Business Administration (BS), Argosy University, Nashville announces The Argosy Advance Scholarship Program. This program provides meaningful awards to individuals who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree, then continue on to Master’s degree program as outlined in the eligibility requirements below. The scholarship program is designed to assist with the costs associated with both the bachelor’s and master’s program and are applied on a pro-rated basis. There are a limited number of scholarships awarded per program and scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  1. Award is contingent upon application and acceptance into Argosy University, Nashville.
  2. Student must have a completed Associate’s degree outside of Argosy University, in order to qualify for scholarship upon enrollment.
  3. Must be a newly enrolled student in one of the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Subsequent Master degree programs must fall within the Graduate School of Business and Management or College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences.
  4. Must be continuously enrolled for at least 9 credits each semester during the entire length of the program without any breaks in enrollment. Must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  5. Student must authorize the return of non-title IV funds in order to allow any excess scholarship amounts to be sent back to the lender.
  6. Student must have the Memorandum of Understanding on file.
  7. Employees or eligible immediate family members participating in the Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) Tuition Voucher program are not eligible to participate in the Scholarship program.

How to apply: To apply, please contact us for an application, deadlines, and other important information or download, print and fill out the application (PDF)

Dean's Scholarship (Clinical Psychology)

The Dean's Scholarship for the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology program is designed to encourage and reward high levels of leadership, service, and scholarship in the area of clinical psychology. The award will consist of a scholarship equivalent to 25% of the tuition for the program.


  • Acceptance into the program;
  • Educational performance – based on undergraduate GPA (minimum 3.5);
  • Evidence of demonstrated or potential leadership, service, or scholarship as determined by your statement of interests and accomplishments, which will be reviewed by a faculty committee.

Once awarded, the scholarship will be disbursed in the form of a tuition credit on a pro-rata basis as the student progresses through the program so long as the student remains in good academic standing, in compliance with the Code of Student Conduct, and remains a full-time student.

How to apply: To apply, please contact us for an application, deadlines, and other important information. You will need to submit a letter of application that includes a statement of interests and accomplishments that provides evidence of demonstrated or potential leadership, service or scholarship (your official transcript must be on file). Your letter, application, and any supporting documentation should be forwarded to our Admissions Representative.

Download, print, and fill out the application. (PDF)

This is a competitive scholarship. No more than 6 scholarships per year will be offered to the most highly qualified students.

Alumni Scholarship

Can't get enough Argosy? All graduates of Argosy University who return to pursue another degree program at Argosy University are eligible for a scholarship to cover the tuition cost of one course.

  • Graduate from any Argosy University degree program
  • Must complete first semester courses successfully to qualify

Scholarships will be applied to a qualifying student's account in the form of a tuition credit once eligibility criteria have been met. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information.

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