Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Discover Your Future at Argosy University with a Psychology Degree


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**Full-time is one course per term

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology promotes understanding of human behavior and mental functioning, preparing students for human services and scientific inquiry careers.

Why a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology?

The BA in Psychology is a versatile degree, which enables students to develop the liberal arts competencies needed for thriving in a modern complex society, along with the psychological knowledge and skills to contribute in this field. Graduates are prepared to apply their knowledge across a wide variety of professional settings, including human services, education and business, and to continue their education within human service professions, law or business.

Why a Psychology Degree at Argosy University?

The Psychology program at Argosy University affords students many exciting opportunities, such as an active Virtual Psychology Club featuring monthly speakers and hosted by our faculty and deans. All our faculty members are professionals in the field who readily share their expertise and bring course content to life. Students can customize their education by selecting one of six concentrations, such as Criminal Justice or Substance Abuse. Finally, qualified undergraduates may apply to the Master’s Accelerated Plan, to enroll in eligible graduate courses as part of completing program electives and then continue into select master’s programs with advanced standing.


  • The Psychology faculty aligned the curriculum with APA Guidelines for Undergraduate Psychology programs

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Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan

Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan is a program designed to give students the opportunity to earn tuition deduction all the way to graduation. Every student who dedicates endless hours to their education deserves a deduction. Here’s how it works for a bachelor's degree program:*†

  • Start earning your degree
  • > 25% credits*

    10% tuition deduction
  • > 50% credits*

    15% tuition deduction
  • > 75% credits*

    20% tuition deduction

*earned program credits

*To see full eligibility requirements and excluded programs, please visit this page (pdfs by program previously approved). Associate’s level offers separate tuition reduction structure. Graduate and certificate programs are not eligible for tiered tuition.

† Students utilizing partnership agreements or enrolling as a Continual Transfer Waiver will not be eligible for the reduced tuition. Those students will receive the tuition reduction as outlined in the partnership agreement or transfer waiver.

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What to Expect

When You're Applying

  • Work with an admission team eager to answer your questions and assist you through the application process
  • Learn from a financial aid team about options for making your academic goals more affordable
  • Experience an efficient process that enables most applicants to start the program within two months of applying

When You're Enrolled

  • Have the opportunity to learn from experts who are using psychology in a variety of clinical, community and organizational settings
  • You can complete 120 credit hours that teach you about theory and methods in the broad field of psychology, and provide opportunities to go deep with a concentration
  • Experience the support and guidance of advisors, faculty and tutors who help facilitate your meeting degree requirements, while balancing schoolwork and other commitments

My education to date [at Argosy University, Washington, DC*], both at the undergraduate and graduate level, has progressively built a solid foundation to support my ultimate educational goal of achieving a doctorate in counseling as well. This point cannot be understated.

Michael R. Carter 2014 BA Psychology
Senior Configuration Manager, Sierra Management and Technologies

*As of 2016, Argosy University, Northern Virginia

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