Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology

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The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program is designed to prepare students with both conceptual and technical skills for the fast-paced field of computing.

Why a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology?

Students enrolled in the BS in Information Technology degree program have the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to formulate technology and computing solutions to contemporary business challenges. Core courses can develop foundation skills in multiple facets of the field, including database operations, operating systems, networking, cloud computing, virtualization and mobile computing. Students’ selection of concentration courses provides specialized skills within either computer and network security, or web development.

Why an Information Technology Degree at Argosy University?

The BS in Information Technology degree program is designed to prepare graduates to seek entry-level employment working with computers, networks and emerging technologies. Students can gain broad understanding of the field, and develop specialized knowledge and skills in one of two specialization areas: computer and network security, or web development.

The program is open to both students who have already earned college credit at a community college or other university, and working professionals with no college experience.


  • Argosy University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, California, 94501,

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Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan

Affordable Tiered Tuition Plan is a program designed to give students the opportunity to earn tuition deduction all the way to graduation. Every student who dedicates endless hours to their education deserves a deduction. Here’s how it works for a bachelor's degree program:*†

  • Start earning your degree
  • > 25% credits*

    10% tuition deduction
  • > 50% credits*

    15% tuition deduction
  • > 75% credits*

    20% tuition deduction

*earned program credits

*To see full eligibility requirements and excluded programs, please visit this page (pdfs by program previously approved). Associate’s level offers separate tuition reduction structure. Graduate and certificate programs are not eligible for tiered tuition.

† Students utilizing partnership agreements or enrolling as a Continual Transfer Waiver will not be eligible for the reduced tuition. Those students will receive the tuition reduction as outlined in the partnership agreement or transfer waiver.

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What to Expect

When you’re applying, you:

  • Must provide proof of high school graduation or documented GED.
  • Must provide official college transcript from a completed associate’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or nationally accredited institution approved by the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Must achieve a minimum score on an Argosy University pre-approved English language proficiency test (required for all applicants whose native language is not English or who have not graduated from an institution at which English is the language of instruction as specified in Section Five, Admission Policies, English Language Proficiency Policy).

When you’re enrolled, you can experience:

  • The creation of a professional portfolio, which documents your attainment of the degree program’s learning outcomes and can be shared with potential employers.
  • A faculty with a combination of advanced degrees and work experience* in the field of information technology.
  • A curriculum that provides numerous opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills of information technology through case studies, practical exercises and industry-inspired assessments.

*Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

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