About Us

Our Timeline

1976 The Illinois School of Professional Psychology founded
1980 First graduating PsyD class
1985 Initial American Psychological Association (APA) accreditation
1988 First Personal and Professional Development Group Retreat
1990 & 1992 NCSPP Award for Promotion of Cultural Diversity
1997 Anixter Center Award for Training in Rehabilitation
2001 Transformed into Argosy University, multidisciplinary professional university
2006 First study abroad courses
2007-08 Lake Michigan Internship Consortium is founded and granted Association of Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Membership
2009 Psychological Services Center founded

Student Focused

Our committed and impressive faculty members mentor students in and out of the classroom. Student clubs and program concentrations allow students and faculty with shared interests to gather for intellectual, professional, cultural and social growth. Many concentrations and clubs sponsor reading groups or events with invited speakers, often held as potluck gatherings in the homes of faculty members. Students also serve on department and campus committees that help shape the school's culture and programs. These activities, combined with our small classes and intimate practicum seminars, encourage close relationships among faculty and students.

Student development is a strong focus of our program, and all first-year students take a "Personal and Professional Development" course. In this course, students have the opportunity to learn how to increase self-awareness and empathic understanding of others, practice more effective listening and communication skills, and build greater interpersonal competency to guide their development as clinicians and professional psychologists.

Additionally, our dedicated faculty and staff in the training department assist students in preparing for and applying to practicum sites and internships. A wonderful opportunity for students is the Lake Michigan Internship Consortium, an APPIC member, local internship consortium exclusively for our students. In addition, our in-house training clinic, The Psychological Services Center, also provides practicum training opportunities.

Globally Engaged

The Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago promotes engagement in the global community. For many years, the International Cross-Cultural Awareness and Support Group (ICAS) has brought students and faculty together for rich cultural exchange, learning across difference, fundraising to support international disaster relief (e.g., the 2011 earthquakes in Pakistan), and celebration.

The Division 52 (International Psychology) journal club meets monthly to review relevant scholarly works, led by the faculty mentors who are models of global action. Dr. Neal Rubin is the former president of APA's Division 52, a reviewer for the International Psychology bulletin, and a Representative/ Special Projects Associate to the United Nations (UN) Non-Governmental Organizations Team, APA. With his encouragement, many students have participated in the annual Psychology Day at the UN. Dr. Sandra Zakowski recently returned from Iraq where she helped to develop a graduate program in mental health and trained local mental health providers. Dr. Zakowski also led a service learning trip for two students to Rwanda in 2009.