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Cameron C. Brewer

Assistant Professor

Areas of Focus: Cognitive Neuroscience

Phone: 847-969-4991



  • Neuropsychology Residency, Indiana University School of Medicine, 2010
  • Internship, Yale University School of Medicine, 2009
  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology, The University of Montana, 2009


Having previously served in the roles of Dean and Associate Chair of the Clinical Psychology Program, Dr. Brewer is now dedicated to the coordination of the program’s neuropsychology concentration. The neuropsychology concentration at ISPP, Schaumburg adheres to the Houston Conference Guidelines for training in neuropsychology at the doctoral-level and is registered with the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology (SCN), Division 40 of the American Psychological Association (APA). As coordinator, Dr. Brewer conducts practicum site visits bi-annually, teaches courses in neuroanatomy & neuropathology, neuropsychological assessment, forensic neuropsychology, practicum seminar, and continues to serve as a research committee member on multiple student projects.

As a practicing neuropsychologist, Dr. Brewer has worked with numerous patients across the life span with a wide range of clinical presentations that have included traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, dementia, vascular disorders, developmental disorders, infectious disease, and co-occurring non-CNS conditions (e.g., heightened anxiety and/or depression, personality disorders). Dr. Brewer undertook a neuropsychology residency at the Indiana University School of Medicine (APPCN member) and completed a predoctoral fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine (APA-accredited). He holds a PhD in clinical psychology (neuropsychology track) from The University of Montana and a MLitt in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Glasgow, UK. At Montana, Dr. Brewer was a two-time recipient of the Dr. and Mrs. Morton D. Greenberger Award for his research focus in medical psychology. His research collaborations in neuroimaging, neurolinguistics, and test validity have appeared in Brain, Psychological Science, and in Lezak’s Neuropsychological Assessment. Dr. Brewer’s current research interests are threefold: ecological validity of neuropsychological tests, relationship between disease process and performance validity, and clinical variability with the presence or absence of a complete circle of Willis (COW).


  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Forensic Neuropsychology


  • American Psychological Association

Selected Publications

  • Sereno, S.C., Brewer, C.C., O’Donnell, P. (2003). Early context effects in word recognition: evidence from event-related potentials Psychological Science,14 (4) 328 – 333.
  • Brewer, C., Westerveld, M., Loring, D., Chelune, G., Barr, W., Perrine, K., Trennery, M., Hermann, B., & Strauss, E. (2002). Assessing psychological function in patients with epilepsy: A comparison of the MMPI-2 and PAI. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology,17, 739.
  • Springer, J.A., Binder, J.R., Hammeke, T.A., Swanson, S.J., Frost, J.A., Bellgowan, P.S.F., Brewer, C.C., Perry, H.M., Morris, G.L., Mueller, W.M. (1999). Language dominance in neurologically normal and epilepsy subjects: A functional MRI study. Brain, 122,(11) 2033-2046.

Selected Presentations

  • Walls, G., Eme, R. & Brewer, C.C. (2013). Prevalence of ADHD in Community Service Teams: A High Risk Population. Poster presented at the 25th Annual Internation Conference on ADHD. Crystal City, VA.
  • Brewer, C.C., Hall, S., Denboer J.W. & T. Kimpton. (2006). “A Comparison of Sensitivity Among Three Symptom Validity Measures: TOMM, CARB & WMT.” Presentation to the International Neuropsychological Society Annual Convention: Portland, OR.
  • DenBoer, J.W., Hall, S., Wax, J., Lordemann, K., Bader, T, Brewer, C.C., & Miller, C. (2006). "Memory for Complex Pictures: Initial Development and Validation of a Digital Test of Memory Malingering." Presentation to the International Neuropsychological Society Annual Convention: Portland, OR.

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