Kamau Johnson

Associate professor

Adjustment to Chronic Medical Illness.




  • Ph.D. Clinical Health Psychology, University of Florida, 1991.
  • M.S. Clinical Health Psychology, University of Florida, 1989.




  • Adjustment to Chronic Medical Illness.
  • Pain management.
  • Culturally competent health care.


  • American Psychological Association.
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Selected Publications

  • Willis, A.S., Wallston, K., & Johnson, K. (2001). Tobacco and alcohol use among young adults: Exploring religious faith, locus of control, and coping strategies as predictors. In T.P. Plante & A. Sherman (Eds.), Faith & health: Psychological perspectives (pp. 213-239). New York: Guilford.
  • Williams, C.D., Lewis-Jack, O., Johnson, K., & Adams-Campbell, L. (2001). Environmental influences, employment status, and religious activity predict current cigarette smoking in the elderly. Addictive Behavior, 26(2), 297-301.
  • Johnson, K.R. (1998). Ethnocultural influences in cancer. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 5(3), 357-364.
  • Mason, K.I., Campbell, A., Hawkins, P., Madhere, S., Johnson, K., & Takushi, R. (1998). Neuropsychological functioning in HIV seropositive African American women with a history of drug use. Journal of the National Medical Association, 90(10), 1-10.

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