Mid Atlantic Internship Consortium

APPIC Member. APA Accredited. QUICK MAIC 2018-2019

Who We Are

The Mid Atlantic Internship Consortium (MAIC) is a dedicated group of psychological service providers located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. The consortium is partially affiliated with the American School of Professional Psychology (ASPP), at Argosy University, Northern Virginia (AUNV). MAIC has 10 training-site-members and provides approximately 20 intern positions each year. To date MAIC has trained over 200 interns. Since 2006, MAIC has been a member of the Association of Psychology Post-Doctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and since 2015 has been an American Psychology Association (APA) accredited internship. MAIC selects interns through APPIC’s National Match Services and only selects from ASPP/AUNV in the first phase of the match process, and later from other Argosy University clinical psychology programs. MAIC provides a Brochure describing available positions for each Phase of the Match. A MAIC Manual is at each site and includes all internship materials. Interns are supervised by at least two psychologists and they also have experiences with other mental health professionals. ASPP clinical faculty are the Director and Associate Director for MAIC. The Directors manage the internship and form an Oversight Committee with Primary Supervisors from each site to review all aspects of the program, to ensure consistent implementation of MAIC policies across sites, and to ensure the success of interns. MAIC functions as a learning community and so Directors and supervisors conduct weekly didactic seminars, individual supervision, group supervision, and mentor interns to graduate as beginning level psychologists. The Director reports on MAIC to ASPP, APPIC, APA, and state licensing boards.

Our Philosophy and Aims

Collectively the MAIC community is interested in training doctoral clinical psychology interns to become what the profession now will call “health service psychologists.” The internship is full-time, accumulating 2080-hours of experience towards licensing (September 1st through August 31st). MAIC ascribes to a practitioner-scholar model of training, with a philosophy of developmental training experiences, and shared resources. Specific aims of MAIC are to provide learning experiences to interns and evaluate their performance on Standards of Accreditation, profession-wide competencies so as to enter careers.

  • Demonstrating skills in assessment, diagnosis, and interventions
  • Considering the broad context of diversity, ethics, and legal standards
  • Applying scientific methods to clinical practice
  • Able to function respectfully in consultation, supervision, and in other institutional relationships
  • Able to function in board standards of professional behavior and reflect on all aspects of their practice.

We are committed to providing an internship experience in accordance with APPIC and APA requirements, consisting of intensive and on-going supervision, didactic seminars, case presentations, scholarly reading, a broad range of direct clinical experiences which ranges in intervention and assessment modalities, delivered to diverse populations. Interns are also given increasing responsibilities including supervision of others; program development, consultation, outreach, management, and business practice.

Member Sites

  • Associated Clinical Services. Springfield, VA.
  • Barry Ekdom. Ph.D. P.C., Fairfax, VA.
  • BASICS Group Practice. Forestville, MD.
  • Center for Children. Prince Frederick. MD.
  • Community Counseling and Mentoring Services. Largo, MD.
  • Interdynamics, Inc. Lanham, MD.
  • Loudoun County Mental Health Center. Leesburg, VA.
  • Prince William Family Counseling. Manassas, VA.
  • Sterling Behavioral Health Services. Ashburn, VA
  • Washington Medical Group. Washington, DC.

Intern Requirements and Benefits

MAIC prepares a Brochure that includes descriptions of MAIC policies, intern positions, sites, selection criteria, passing criteria, due processes and benefits for the training-year. Applicants may apply to any number of MAIC sites for a single fee, as listed on the APPIC On-line Match Service. Applicants may be interviewed at several sites and if Matched will become a MAIC Intern placed at the Matched site. All interns have the same internship conditions and similar training experiences across our sites. Interns have at least four hours of weekly individual and group supervision by licensed psychologists as well as experiences in multidisciplinary teams with other mental health professionals. Interns will participate in Central and On-site training experiences to consolidate and extend skills. Interns are evaluated mid/end-of-year by their site supervisors, and during case presentations by Directors based on achieving competencies. Interns will be expected to provide 10 hours increasing to 20 hours of weekly, direct, psychological services as the year progresses; this must be in both interventions and assessments. Interns also will have a supervising experience and are expected to extend their psychological skills to a range of clinical activities at their site. Interns sign a contract with MAIC. Intern stipend is $24,000, paid in equal monthly or bi-monthly payments. Interns are given 10 days vacation and 5 days sick/personnel leave. Interns have 7 national holidays, 3 hours per week for research projects and may purchase student health coverage through Argosy University.

Site Member Requirements

Potential MAIC members complete an application. Directors visit and help a site develop a program and members vote on the application at an Oversight Committee meeting. Sites are welcome when able to commit to established policies of MAIC members who adhere to APPIC and APA requirements. Members participate in the National Match and attempt to select at least 2 interns. An intern’s Primary Supervisor along with other psychologist/s will provide at least 4 hours of weekly individual and group supervision, and will have many roles with interns such as teacher, advocate for learning experiences, gatekeeper for service delivery and professional standards, confidence builder for professional growth, and helping to move an intern towards full-time, independence and functioning as a psychologist. Primary Supervisors from each site attend a monthly meeting to oversee all aspects of the consortium functioning, and vote on policy. Supervisors work closely with the Directors on a daily basis and members sign a joint agreement accepting central control of the internship by the MAIC Director. MAIC holds the membership in APPIC and is accredited by APA, sites are members of MAIC.

MAIC Training Program

All supervisors and interns attend a two-day Orientation in September to review MAIC policies. Interns are given training experiences at their sites throughout the year. Interns will also meet with other interns and the Directors at weekly, Central-training, held at ASPP or at member sites. During this time (usually 10:30 to 4:30), interns have Group Supervision and Consultation and Didactic Seminars on a range of current topics. Interns also meet at each MAIC site twice per year for tours, case presentations, and seminars from the Primary Supervisor or site staff. Other workshops are arranged for the whole MAIC group at ASPP or elsewhere. Central training experiences occur on Wednesdays, and this enables interns to interact socially, have lunch, go to the library, use the computer lab, meet with faculty or have other informal interactions.

Contacts for Further Information

Emma Arons, PsyD, Director: Mid Atlantic Internship Consortium | Associate Professor, American School of Professional Psychology | Tel: (703) 526-5843  | Email: earons@argosy.edu.

Questions related to MAIC’s accredited status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:
Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, American Psychological Association | 750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 | Phone: (202) 336-5979 | Email: apaaccred@apa.org | Web: www.apa.org/ed/accreditation