About Us

The Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University (ASPP) has a rich history and has been essential to the training of many clinical psychologists within the state of Arizona. ASPP was founded in 1997 and first accredited by the American Psychological Association in 2001. It was reaccredited in 2006 for 5 years, and most recently reaccredited in 2011 through 2018. The doctoral program adheres to the practitioner-scholar model for training clinical psychologists, and is strongly committed to student learning and mentoring.

Part of what makes ASPP unique is the focus on diversity training infused into the entire curriculum. You will find diversity among the faculty, the student body and the clinical populations served by our diverse and extensive practicum training sites. The clinical experience students acquire through these placements helps them to become very competitive for the National Internship Match and to develop the clinical skills that go into the making of an excellent clinical psychologist.

A large part of the success of our students in obtaining internships throughout the country rests on the commitment of our Director and Associate Director of Internship in preparing students for this highly competitive process. Students begin their preparation almost a year in advance, becoming familiar with Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers matching procedures, the application and interview process, as well as the match and post- match vacancy process.

Our dedicated and experientially rich faculty (most of whom still engage in limited practice) establish and maintain very strong relationships with students throughout their tenure at the school and after they graduate. Several of our students who are now licensed serve as supervisors to current students helping them develop the clinical skills that they once developed and continue to grow in their post graduate experiences. Our faculty and several of our students serve the community and the profession through their activities including representation in the Arizona Psychological Association.