American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | San Francisco Bay Area is not currently enrolling students and the campus will be closing. If you are a current student with questions, please call 855-758-5660. If you are interested in an Argosy University program of study at another location or online, please call 855-758-5664.

About Us

The Clinical Psychology programs at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | San Francisco Bay Area afford our students with a number of exciting opportunities.

Student Groups

Each led by a faculty mentor, our student groups are inclusive and open to all clinical psychology students. While there are also opportunities to join student groups at the campus-level, the Clinical Psychology program is host to the Clinical Psychology Student Council (CPSC), as well as groups for international students, students from diverse backgrounds, and LGBTQ students. For students interested in deepening their learning in assessment, our program also hosts a Rorschach study group.

Faculty, Student and Alumni Scholarship

We are a community of active scholars, supported by our program’s Scholarship Committee. Our faculty, students and alumni publish books and journal articles, and present at local, regional and national conferences and meetings. We encourage students to present and publish their research under the guidance of faculty mentors, who often serve as co-authors of these works. Through our scholarly activities, we are committed to sharing the knowledge gained through our research and helping to better inform our colleagues and the public.

Argosy Assessment and Intervention Clinic

Recognizing the need in our community for affordable assessment and therapy services, we opened the Argosy Assessment and Intervention Clinic (AAIC) on campus in 2011. The AAIC provides comprehensive assessment and therapy training to our students at the practicum and internship levels and is led by our core assessment faculty, Drs. Hobza and Pade, with the assistance of our faculty and postdoctoral fellows. Under supervision, students can conduct a range of evaluations of clients from our diverse surrounding community. Students in the clinic have opportunities to gain valuable assessment and therapy experience while addressing real-world referral questions important to the lives of our clients. Through these services, our students can make an impact on their clients and the issues they present while honing their clinical skills.

Intensive Clinical Training Program

The Intensive Clinical Training Program (aka “the Intensive”), led by Dr. Mary Herget, is a low-fee clinic on campus that serves members of the local community while providing a valuable opportunity for students to participate in a treatment team under the supervision of our core faculty. The Intensive houses three treatment rooms, each equipped with a one-way mirror and a sound system that allows the team to observe the therapy session. The treatment team includes a treating student therapist, students acting under faculty supervision as lead supervisor and assistant supervisor, and several observer students. Clients served by the clinic are diverse members of the local community and present a wide range of concerns to address in treatment. The Intensive is an excellent way for students to gain pre-practicum experience or to supplement their assessment practicum with a therapy component.