About Us

The College of Clinical Psychology at Argosy University

Comprised of the university’s clinical psychology programs across the country, The College of Clinical Psychology at Argosy University includes 10 Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) programs and their embedded master’s programs in clinical psychology.

Argosy University has had a significant role in the development of the professional psychology school model. In 1976, our first school, the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, opened in Chicago was founded by a group of psychologists, educators, and other professionals who called for a clinical psychology degree that emphasized teaching and practical training over the research oriented approach of the traditional PhD degree.

While our professional schools were pioneers in this movement that has transformed psychology education and practice, our innovative contributions have never stopped. Today, it is our goal that these programs will build on their pioneering tradition in the field of professional psychology to continue to strengthen their role in educating clinical psychologists in line with their outstanding tradition.

The Practitioner-Scholar Model

Our Clinical Psychology programs are grounded in theory and research, but also use experiential elements that allow the student to learn through classroom exercises, personal reflection, and supervised field experience. This integrated approach, known as the practitioner-scholar model, prepares aspiring psychologists to develop the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for successful clinical practice.

Professional development is led and supported by mentoring relationships with our practitioner-scholar faculty who embody the knowledge, skills, ethics, and professional attitudes required of clinical psychologists. Our faculty guide students through their clinical and community accomplishments as they set the standards for excellence.

Research and Scientific Literacy

The philosophy of the PsyD in Clinical Psychology degree program faculty with respect to research, research skills, and the Clinical Research Project (CRP dissertation equivalent) is consistent throughout the program. In our practitioner-scholar model, we expect our students to understand research and use research findings as a primary resource for their clinical work. We expect our students to read current research articles and understand the methods and statistics, critique the research in terms of methodology and internal and external validity, draw appropriate conclusions from research, and, when appropriate, understand how to apply the empirical evidence to clinical practice. All of these skills are important and necessary when integrating information in our field and, more generally, in being a qualified clinical psychologist. We support and encourage our students to strive to publish and/or present their research in appropriate professional journals or arenas.