Master of Arts (MA)

Clinical Psychology MA Degree Program

The Clinical Psychology Master of Arts (MA) Program at Argosy University is dedicated to preparing students to promote mental health by addressing important concerns including depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, and behavioral problems.

Why a Clinical Psychology MA Degree?

A master's degree in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare students to move into a PsyD program or to teach them the skills needed to advance in their careers. An MA degree program is typically shorter in duration than a doctoral program.

Students with a master's degree in the Clinical Psychology program can gain the following skills:

  • Scientific inquiry and methods of psychological assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Knowledge of interventions
  • Basic interventions and relationship skills
  • Planning and implementing interventions
  • Awareness of cultural identities
  • Culturally informed practice
  • Knowledge of ethical, legal, and professional standards
  • Professional development and conduct

Why a Clinical Master's Degree at Argosy?

Our Clinical Psychology MA degree program at Argosy University is built to teach students the foundations of clinical psychology, with a focus on psychological assessment, intervention skills, and the science underlying psychology and clinical practice.

We are also dedicated to ensuring that students understand how clinical practice occurs within a broader context of cultural diversity and professional standards.

Our curriculum is design to help you learn the necessary theoretical and clinical elements that will allow you to become an effective member of a mental health team. Additionally, you’ll find that our program offers excellent preparation for those considering applying to the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree program.

Specific objectives of the Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Psychology degree program at Argosy include ethical and professional standards for psychological interventions, an understanding of diverse worldviews, and a critical evaluation of scholarly psychology literature to inform professional practice.

What career opportunities are there for graduates of the Clinical Psychology MA Program?

Below are just some of the career path opportunities our Clinical Psychology Master's degree graduates can pursue:

  • Licensed practitioner (in some states) in mental health clinics, counseling centers, private practice, and psychiatric hospitals*
  • Academia
  • Psychometrician

A few states allow master's degree graduates to work as licensed practitioners as long as they hold a degree in a subfield such as clinical, counseling, or school psychology.

Argosy University prepares master's degree level students for careers in Clinical Psychology through hands-on training and real-world experience. We offer programs at eight campuses all over the country, so wherever you live, we’re sure to have something for you.