Closed School Information

Closed School Information

A list of schools permanently closed can be found on this page. If you are a former student of one of these schools, or if you were a student of a school that was purchased by one of the schools below, please see the following instructions regarding Transcripts, Diplomas, and other questions you may have.

You can also find a list of our transfer partners by visiting

The following schools are permanently closed:

Academic Transcript Request Form Instructions

NOTE: Students may request no more than three (3) official transcripts at this time via the Campus Common student portal. Should you need more than three (3) official transcripts, please send an email to including your name, location attended, full contact information, and the reason for needing additional transcripts and the team will review your request.

If you received your transcript on white paper and need to request one on formal transcript paper, please email

Transcript Request Form

Diploma Requests

To request a copy of your diploma, please send an email to with your current mailing address, your name as it should appear on your diploma, your student ID, program completed, campus attended, dates attended and reason for your request (lost diploma, misprinted, first time request, etc.). We are working diligently to process these requests as quickly as possible (may take up to 12 weeks given volume) and will be sure your name is added to our queue.

Enrollment Verifications

For third-party enrollment/degree verification requests, please email your request to and include student name, school name, reference number, dates attended, graduation date, program and degree. Note: Allow a minimum of 21 days for completion. We do not accept requests for verbal verifications, nor follow-up status calls of previously requested verifications.

Financial Requests

For financial requests, please send e-mail to with the following information:

  • E-Mail Subject Line: Financial Request
  • Body of E-Mail: Include the full name used during your enrollment, the campus attended, and a detailed description of the financial request you are making.

Account Balance Inquiries

For account balance inquiries, please reach out online to

1098-T-Questions and Important Information

Forms are mailed to all eligible students by January 31 annually. To print a duplicate form, please visit If you are unable to locate your 1098-T and need further assistance, please contact Heartland ECSI at 1-866-428-1098. For information on the Taxpayer Relief Act, as well as additional resources to assist you in understanding higher education tax incentives visit:

Career Services

The Department of Career & Professional Readiness partners with students as they explore employment possibilities, develop job skills, and connect with potential opportunities related to their professional endeavors. Our goal is to encourage the career potential of students by facilitating opportunities for them to explore their interests and gain valuable professional experience while utilizing a variety of resources.

Students can seek guidance in building a resume, career planning, developing job-search strategies, preparing for an interview and evaluating potential job opportunities. The Department of Career & Professional Readiness will also work to plan and deliver career readiness workshops, individual or group career planning sessions, and industry guest speakers.

For assistance, call 1-855-855-0571 or email

Department of Education

If you are in need of assistance from the Department of Education, please reach out to them at

The Department of Education is hosting interactive webinars for students from closed Argosy University and select Art Institutes to share information and address questions and concerns. Please visit for details and to register.

The Department of Education is assisting students and keeping them informed with regard to closures. Please visit and for information

Academic Catalog

Use the links below to download the current Argosy University academic catalog.

This provides everything you need to know about our degree programs, course offerings, policies and procedures, available student services, and much, much more.

2017-2018 Academic Catalogs

2010-2017 Academic Catalogs (Archived)

College of Business and Health Sciences 2009-2010
College of Education 2009-2010
College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences 2009-2010
Undergraduate Programs 2009-2010

Academic Catalog 2008-2009 (PDF, 2.62MB)
Academic Catalog 2007-2008 (PDF, 8.15MB)
Academic Catalog 2006-2007 (PDF, 1.3MB)

Errata and Catalog Addendum

2012-2013 Graduate Academic Catalog Addendum Volume 3 Issue 9
2012-2013 Graduate Academic Catalog Addendum Volume 3 Issue 3
2012-2013 Academic Catalog Addendum Volume 3 Issue 3
2009-2010 Academic Catalog Addendum Fall Semester 2010 Volume 1 Issue 1 (PDF, 323KB)
2009-2010 Academic Catalog Addendum Fall Semester 2010 Volume 1 Issue 2 (PDF, 468KB)
2009-2010 Academic Catalog Errata and Addendum Summer Semester 2010 (PDF, 1.56MB)
Errata to the Catalog 2009-2010 (PDF, 1.06MB)
Errata to the Catalog 2008-2009 (PDF, 535KB)
Errata to the Catalog 2007-2008 (PDF, 394KB)
Errata to the Catalog and Catalog Addenda 2006-2007 (PDF, 288KB)

Argosy University is registered with the Maryland Higher Education Commission as an Out-of-State Institution of Higher Education offering online education.

Maryland Student Right to Appeal

If a complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the institution's complaint procedures, the student may file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the Maryland Higher Education Commission 6 N. Liberty Street, 10th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201 Argosy University is subject to investigation of complaints by the Office of the Attorney General of the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

All Other Questions or Concerns

Please reach out to or call 855.758.5660 for assistance. Representatives will be able to assist via phone from 8 am – 8 pm EST, Monday – Friday. Please note that email is the fastest way to receive assistance.