College of Creative Arts and Design

College of Creative Arts & Design Programs at Argosy University

Argosy University’s College of Creative Arts and Design provides creative students like you with an opportunity to study in the areas of design, media arts, fashion, or culinary arts at the California locations of The Art Institutes system of schools.


Ready to design your own future? A design degree from an Art Institutes school can help you get there. By combining the talent you already have with the skills taught at our schools, you’ll be ready to turn your passion for design into something bigger than a hobby — a fulfilling career.

Media Arts

Technology has forever changed how we communicate. And it continues to evolve and impact our daily lives. The constant is the need for people like you who have vision, talent, and a desire to develop and work with technology to improve lives. With a degree from one of our media arts programs, we can help you get there.


Want to join the exciting and creative global fashion industry? A degree from one of our fashion programs can help you get there. Fashion students at The Art Institutes schools work toward becoming tomorrow’s newest professionals, the next generation of skilled fashion employees.


Visit your local grocery store or your favorite restaurant and it’s clear that our tastes have evolved, embracing a wider range of cuisines and cultures, giving today’s chefs and restaurateurs more possibilities and opportunities to satisfy our increasingly adventurous palates. That’s also why you should consider pursuing your culinary degree at one of The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes, North America’s largest system of culinary programs.

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