Education Specialist (EdS) in Initial Educational Administration
Education Specialist (EdS) in Initial Educational Administration

Discover Your Future at Argosy University with a Initial Educational Administration EdS Degree


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The Education Specialist in Initial Educational Administration can prepare educators seeking administrative credentialing as school principals.

Why an Education Specialist Degree in Initial Educational Administration?

The Education Specialist in Initial Educational Administration can prepare educators seeking administrative credentialing as school principals in systems management, as well as ethical, technological, cultural and social requirements necessary to be a successful P-12 school principal.

Why an Initial Educational Administration Degree at Argosy University?

Consistent with the Argosy University College of Education mission, scholarship, professionalism and social responsibility are integral to the preparation and induction of candidates, as is respect for cultural and linguistic diversity. Field and clinical practice requirements can provide experience across the depth and breadth of school and district administration, allowing candidates to demonstrate and apply knowledge, dispositions, and skills that support a positive impact on student learning.


  • The College of Education at Argosy University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The accreditation covers advanced educator preparation programs across all campuses of Argosy University and its online programs. However, the accreditation does not include individual education courses that the institution offers to P-12 educators for professional development, re-licensure, or other purposes.
  • Initial Educational Administration and Advanced Educational Administration programs are Educational Leadership Constituent Council nationally recognized.

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What to Expect

When you’re applying, you will:

  • Work with qualified admissions team trained to assist with application and programmatic issues and questions.
  • Work with qualified financial aid representatives to explore all options for an affordable route to realize your professional goals.
  • Experience a streamlined but thorough admissions process to begin your program in a timely manner.

When you’re enrolled, you can:

  • Engage in 30-36* credit hours of a quality, learner-centered program geared to provide a wide range of classroom and field based experiences.
  • Experience instructional interactions with a qualified, experienced** and competent faculty.
  • Complete the Education Specialist in the Initial Educational Administration program by showing successful completion of all program requirements and passage of all state required certification exams.

*The EdS in Initial Educational Administration program requires 30 credit hours.
**Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

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