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Atlanta Master of Science (MS) Degree in Health Services Management

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Program Information

The Master of Science (MS) in Health Services Management degree program at Argosy University, Atlanta is designed to provide a comprehensive course of graduate study to prepare health service providers and managers for the challenges of modern health care. The program recognizes the value of applied research in solving the problems of today’s health systems, and is designed to encourage the acquisition of sustainable research methods and skills.

The Health Services Management program curriculum is intended to provide students with an advanced understanding of contemporary business practices, modern healthcare systems and organization, policy development and planning techniques, management and leadership strategies, health behaviors, financial management, and analytical research methods. The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to fully utilize proven healthcare management methods, while developing new theories and applications relevant to modern healthcare management.

Program Outcomes

Program Outcome One: Management Theory and Practice
• Competency 1.a Marketing Management
Analyze the interrelationship of the structure, market, and positioning of a healthcare organization.
• Competency 1.b Operations Management
Analyze and summarize effective operations management strategies among diverse healthcare organizational environments.
• Competency 1.c Financial Management
Apply analytical skills in economics and financial issues in the health services and related industries.
• Competency 1.d Human Resource Management
Integrate human resource strategies with organizational objectives for healthcare organizations.

Program Outcome Two: Leadership and Change Management
Analyze various leadership techniques and characteristics that support various types of healthcare organizational missions/visions and are effective in a changing healthcare environment.

Program Outcome Three: Decision Making and Research
Analyze healthcare data using contemporary statistical and non-statistical methods and related information to formulate a plan to improve healthcare service delivery (i.e., organizational/operational effectiveness and efficiency).

Program Outcome Four: Ethics, Healthcare Law, and Risk Management
Assess and apply ethical, legal, and risk management information related to effective health facility operations.

Program Outcome Five: Healthcare Policy
Assess the effects of current healthcare policy on various types of healthcare organizations/settings.

Program Outcome Six: Interpersonal Communication Effectiveness and Professional Development
Present information, orally and in writing, that is concise, clear, organized, supported, and persuasive in a professional manner appropriate to the healthcare industry and supporting the professional development of health services managers.


Enhance your career potential by enrolling in the MS in Health Services Management degree program at Argosy University, Atlanta. You can learn more about specific financial aid programs (available to those who qualify) on our Financial Aid & Scholarships pages, or by contacting us to request more information.
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