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Associate of Arts (AA) in Psychology, Argosy University - Dallas Campus

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Program Information

The Associate of Arts (AA) in Psychology degree program at Argosy University, Dallas blends theory and practice in psychological science with coursework in the liberal arts. The curriculum is designed to help students acquire a broad range of transferable skills such as critical thinking, effective and interpersonal communication, research, diversity appreciation, global sustainability, and problem solving.

The AA in Psychology degree program is intended to enable students to acquire the foundational knowledge, skills, and competencies that can be applied towards entry-level employment, as well as providing the basis for continuation toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology for interested students.

The AA in Psychology degree program credits can be transferred to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology degree program offered by Argosy University.

Program Learning Outcomes
The AA in Psychology degree program is designed to develop the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Program Outcome One: Communications
Students will develop college level foundational skills as it pertains to listening, reading, comprehension, speaking, and writing. They will learn to present psychological information using standard and conventions as appropriate to the audience.

Program Outcome Two: Research
Students will acquire basic research skills — both traditional and technology based — to enable them to methodically gather and sort through relevant information, and develop analytical and reporting abilities. They will learn to access, select appropriate information from a variety of print and electronic sources, and apply them responsibly to written and oral presentations.

Program Outcome Three: Critical Thinking
Students will be able to integrate analytical and problem-solving skills to formulate conclusions and make decisions that effectively address issues in the areas related to psychology. They will demonstrate basic critical thinking to become informed consumers of research; select appropriate information from a variety of print and electronic sources; and apply them responsibly to written and oral presentations.

Program Outcome Four: Values
Students will learn to justify the importance of ethical behavior in the science and practice of psychology and in interpersonal relationships. They will recognize the complexity of socio-cultural and international diversity in society and the practice of psychology.

Program Outcome Five: Knowledge and Basic Application
Students will explain foundational concepts, theoretical perspectives, and empirical findings in psychology. They will learn how to apply psychological principles to rudimentary personal, social, and organizational issues.

Program Outcome Six: Interpersonal Effectiveness
Students will be able to apply skills of interpersonal effectiveness to everyday interaction, and learn how interpersonal effectiveness can help them achieve personal and professional goals.

Program Outcome Seven: Interdisciplinary Skills
Students will be able to relate concepts and ideas systematically from different disciplines and academic traditions to the field of psychology.

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