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Dallas Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Information Technology

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Program Information

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) degree program at Argosy University, Dallas is designed to prepare students for a career working with computers, networks, and emerging technologies.

Graduates of this program will attain the knowledge and skills needed to integrate engineering, programming, and management concepts applied to formulate solutions to contemporary business challenges.

Through the program’s core courses, students will have the opportunity to develop foundation skills in database operations, operating systems, networking, and security, as well as cloud computing, virtualization, and mobile computing. Through the program’s concentration courses, students will have the opportunity to develop specialized skills within one of the following fields: computer programming, computer security, web development, database administration and development, entrepreneurship, network and system administration, or project management.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Outcome One: Values
a. Apply ethical decision-making within the field of Information Technology.
b. Consider the role of IT governance within business when making decisions.

Program Outcome Two: Problem solving within IT and Business
a. Apply creative thinking to analyze and solve complex technology problems in a business setting.
b. Employ critical thinking and rational and evaluative approaches to support research and problem solving.

Program Outcome Three: Interpersonal Effectiveness
a. Analyze situations and apply the best mediums to communicate effectively.
b. Incorporate the key tenets of interpersonal effectiveness: mindfulness, ethics, and competence in business interactions.

Program Outcome Four: Application of Knowledge of Information Technology
a. Design and implement computer networks and security.
b. Integrate cloud computing and virtualization with business solutions.
c. Design and implement database solutions.
d. Evaluate and recommend mobile solutions.
e. Apply concepts related to file structure, data storage, and retrieval processes to business applications.

Program Outcome Five: IT Leadership and Management
a. Align Information Technology with business strategy.
b. Provide solutions for disaster recovery and business continuity.
c. Design and manage IT projects.
d. Evaluate impact of emerging technologies in specific business settings.
e. Assemble a portfolio of IT projects.

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