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Dallas Master of Science (MS) Degree in Organizational Leadership

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Program Information

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) degree program at Argosy University, Dallas is designed to prepare you with the interpersonal skills central to leading a business. In this master’s degree program, you can learn broad management duties across a range of industries and disciplines. The program is designed to develop analytical and critical thinking skills that are actionable in the specific context of the employee/graduate, with emphasis on the ability to maximize the contribution of the team members, individually and collectively, toward the mission of the organization.

Program Outcomes
• Evaluate leadership and supervision practices from any work group in terms of human impact and financial impact over the short and medium term.
• Apply ethical principles and generally accepted business practices to the leadership functions of a business setting.
• Provide accurate advice and counsel to appropriate stakeholders regarding basic corporate and business practices to specific situations, and provide referrals to appropriate experts when necessary.
• Implement and revise motivational practices and systems that meet the strategies and constraints of the work environment.
• Design and execute employee communication plans toward expressed business or organizational goals.
• Evaluate the skills and capabilities of individuals relative to specific organizational settings and provide counsel where organizational systems and processes are inconsistent with competencies of the existing workforce.
• Demonstrate the value-added contribution of leadership actions and practices to the organization.

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