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Dallas Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree in Public Health

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Program Information

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program at Argosy University, Dallas in Farmers Branch, Texas, is designed to prepare you for possible careers in the field of public health. The master’s in Public Health is a professional degree designed to provide healthcare and other professionals with an understanding of the public health sciences, population-based research, and the community practice of public health. In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills that can be used in healthcare policy development and management.

The program is designed to prepare its graduates for leadership roles in a variety of private, public, and regulatory agencies, in for-profit and not-for-profit health organizations, and in health services research. The Public Health degree program seeks qualified applicants with clearly identified career goals that are consistent with the anticipated academic preparation.

Program Outcomes
The Public Health degree program is intended to produce graduates as leaders in public health and the following program outcomes reflect this goal.
Health Policy Management
• Examine public health problems and develop proposed policies that illustrate pertinent legislative issues, advocacy opportunities, communication, media management and system issues to successfully pass, communicate, and implement the policy.
• Align policies that contribute and promote health and well being with local cultures and realities to guide effective practices that improve health status.
Healthcare and Organizational Management
• Assess organizational norms and values, and build coalitions and consensus around organizational vision, priorities, state and national health and wellness agendas with clear performance impacts.
• Manage and determine costs and implications for public health programs with un-met needs, and develop plans to meet customer needs and improve health outcomes.
Communication and Informatics
• Develop investment proposals for public health organizations and implement integrated information systems that collect, track, and share information across critical networks of providers and IT systems, in order to improve processes, quality of care, and service outcomes.
• Examine customer/community needs and apply a systems approach in successfully addressing those needs by aligning the organization and customer needs with leading information technology and communicating the improvements to key stakeholders.
Systems Thinking
• Analyze the make-up of organizational systems and characteristics, evaluating the impact of changes in the input, processes, and output on the health outcomes.
• Analyze the interrelations among public health systems and key stakeholders to influence the political, social, economic, and educational factors that impact public health systems.
Performance Improvement
• Propose a performance improvement system that includes assessment of the organizational capacity, culture, readiness, and planning to establish performance baseline, goals and performance management processes for monitoring progress and continuous improvements.
• Integrate public health informatics, information systems and technology, and communication strategies in the design, implementation, evaluation, and replication of best practices for monitoring and improving overall practice, performance, and outcomes of the program/organization.
Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Examine the importance of interpersonal relationships with key stakeholders to establish, build, and sustain effective alliances to successfully address priority health problems in the community.

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