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Doctor of Education (EdD) in Counseling Psychology, Argosy University - Seattle Campus

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Counseling Psychology Doctor of Education | Argosy University, Seattle Seattle doctor of education in counseling psychology graduates exercise leadership in the healthcare delivery system and in training mental health professionals. https://www.argosy.edu/locations/seattle/counseling-psychology-and-social-sciences-4/doctor-of-education-in-counseling-psychology

Program Information

Explore the Argosy University, Seattle Counseling Psychology program.

The Doctor of Education (EdD) in Counseling Psychology degree program is designed to present a structured opportunity to prepare counselors and master’s level clinicians from a variety of settings with the skills and credentials necessary to pursue leadership, supervision, training, and teaching positions in the profession.

The Argosy University, Seattle Counseling Psychology degree program is designed to emphasize the development of attitudes, knowledge and skills essential in the formation of professionals who are committed to the ethical provision of quality services. To ensure that students are prepared adequately, the curriculum is designed to provide for the meaningful integration of theory, training and practice. Specific objectives of the program include the following:
• The training of practitioners capable of delivering effective treatment to diverse populations of clients in need of such treatment.
• The development of counseling psychologists who understand the biological, psychological and sociological bases of human functioning.
• The training of practitioners who are capable of exercising leadership both in the health care delivery system and in the training of mental health professionals.
• The preparation of counseling psychologists capable of expanding their role within society.
• The education of practitioners capable of working with other disciplines as part of a professional team.

Students with a background in mental health, social work, school counseling, pastoral counseling, and psychiatric nursing have the opportunity to join together to earn the terminal degree in their field. They can develop new interests and levels of competency and direction for practice through an applied, research-practitioner approach to the role of professional counselor and doctoral level practitioners.

Faculty members are committed teaching professionals dedicated to the development of individual student interest areas through course selection and dissertation topics. The eclectic mix of faculty backgrounds, theoretical orientations, and interests exposes students to new ideas while extending established interests.

Eligibility for Licensure

Graduates of the EdD in Counseling Psychology degree program are eligible to become licensed psychologists in Washington. Students should determine the requirements for professional licensure in the state they wish to practice. More information is available from the Washington State Department of Health at: https://wws2.wa.gov/doh/hpqalicensing/ hps7/psychology/default.htm.

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