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Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management, Argosy University - Seattle Campus

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Master of Science (MS) in Human Resource Management Our Seattle master of science in human resource management places special focus on strategies for the ethical management of people in our diverse world. https://www.argosy.edu/locations/seattle/graduate-school-of-business-and-management-2/master-of-science-in-human-resource-management

Program Information

Are you looking for human resource management programs in Seattle? Consider Argosy University, Seattle. We offer a Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) degree program designed to prepare human resource professionals, as well as those seeking to enter the human resource profession.

Students will have the opportunity to effectively address the breadth of human resources needs of an organization: recruitment, selection, and development; compensation and benefits; employee relations; and the long-run strategic human resource needs of an organization. Particular attention is on the ethical management of people in our diverse world.

Program Outcomes

• Evaluate practices from any Human Resources sub-discipline, including staffing, compensation and benefits, employee relations, training, and employee and organizational development, in terms of human and financial impact on the organization or work group and in consideration of local, national, or global environments.
• Apply ethical principles, generally accepted business practices, and best-practice tools in making decisions about Human Resources policies, practices, or initiatives.
• Provide accurate advice and counsel to appropriate stakeholders regarding basic employment law and apply this understanding to internal Human Resources policy in specific situations, consulting appropriate experts when necessary.
• Implement and revise as necessary compensation, benefits, and reward programs that meet the strategies and constraints of the work environment.
• Design and execute employee communication plans toward expressed business or organizational goals and in response to external crises impacting the organization and its employees.
• Evaluate the skills and capabilities of individuals relative to specific organizational settings and counsel stakeholders where organizational systems and processes are inconsistent with competencies of the existing workforce.
• Analyze a talent management or succession planning system for likely effectiveness in a given organizational system.
• Demonstrate the value-added contribution of human resource organizations and projects to decision makers outside of the Human Resources field.
• Employ effective strategies and techniques to manage a diverse workforce across varied economic, political and cultural organizational environments.

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