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"A Man of His Word"- Argosy University Graduate Opens Consulting Company

2005 Argosy University, Atlanta Campus graduate Dr. Theo Smith, Jr. always seems to know the right thing to say. His ability to use words to encourage, motivate and teach has enabled him to connect with people of all ages. "I know that I have a great ability of being able to communicate effectively and I like to share my gift as often as possible," says Smith.

One of the ways Smith shared his gift was by opening his consulting company titled Broadening Educational Horizons. "I would always receive positive feedback when I put on presentations, and this inspired me to open up my own consulting company," explains Smith. His company caters to staff development in education, data driven instruction, and the building and sustaining of smaller learning communities. Smith credits his education at Argosy University/Atlanta as a source of preparation to opening his own consulting company.

While attending Argosy University/Atlanta, Smith specialized in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership. "My major made me extremely well rounded and completed my circle of concentration. It also kept me abreast of what is comprised and gave me the ability to make data driven decisions," expresses Smith. Argosy University/Atlanta is known for its ability to adapt well with the schedules of some of the busiest working professionals, and that heavily attracted Smith. "Argosy University/Atlanta proved to be both flexible and convenient while still providing a very rigorous and demanding program," Smith states.

Undoubtedly a very busy professional, Smith manages to teach business procedures and accounting full-time at a high school in Atlanta while also running his consulting company. He is also part-time professor at Clark Atlanta University as well as Argosy University/Atlanta. "Having great time management, organization and prioritizing is what allows me to accomplish so much," says Smith. His goals include working full time in higher education.

Dr. Smith's tip for success is simple. He encourages other Argosy University/Atlanta students to keep their end goal in mind despite any hardships they may face, because it is always worth it in the end.

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