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Argosy University awards Andres Romay Memorial Scholarship

Andres Romay lived from November 14, 1979 until November 10, 2011. During his life, he touched each individual he came in contact with. Andres was always positive and spread his positivity as a manager within Education Management Corporation’s Pre-Admissions Department. Found within his desk were note cards listing what he was grateful for each day. As his parents stated at the time of his funeral, they put a bud out there in the world and it had really blossomed. At the time of his passing, Andres was attending Argosy University—Phoenix for his Doctoral degree in Business Administration. He believed that achieving smaller successes, such as completing one’s education, leads to the larger successes in one’s life.

Andres would be proud to know his memory lives on in a scholarship that will help individuals fulfill their educational goals.

Congratulations to Natalie Cuellar, Cathy Huling, Natalie Sanders & Nicole Meehan who have each been awarded a $1000 scholarship!

Natalie Cuellar is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and has been academically recognized with an esteemed position on the President’s List for her achievements early in her program. When asked what she was grateful for, she highlighted the values and morals instilled in her by her parents that have motivated her to work hard and help other people.

What I am grateful for is no doubt an easy question to answer.  I am grateful for the strong work ethics that were instilled in me by my parents.  I am grateful that I have a fulltime job in a rewarding profession.  I can see the impact that I have on patients every day…Most of all I am grateful for each day I am blessed with because each day that I experience, I am one day closer [to] achieving my goals.”

Cathy Huling is working to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  In addition to being recognized on the President’s List and a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Cathy also has a 4.0 GPA and she has spent time volunteering to help the homeless. When asked what she was grateful for, Cathy wrote about her supportive spouse who encouraged her to achieve the education she always desired.

This is the same person that has helped me care for my special-needs son when he was lying in an intensive care unit in the hospital.  This person of great character, and selflless love supported my decision to return to school so that I could obtain the degree that I had always wanted, but had put on hold.”

Natalie Sanders is currently pursuing her education in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program and  is scheduled to graduate this summer.  Natalie has spent multiple semesters on the Dean’s and President’s lists while at Argosy University.  Natalie wrote about her thankfulness for her family and friends who stood by her in times of serious health scares and the encouragement they gave her to finish her education, as well as the support she received from her graduation team.

“Well thank goodness for being surrounded by family and friends who were full of faith and did not give up on me….One year turned into two years, and two years turned into twnety years of being out of school.  As I completed job applications and they asked if I was interested in completing my education, I always checked yes, but did nothing about it. Then I received that call from Argosy….I am now a few classes shy of finishing what I have started back in 1985 and proud to say that it is never too late to learn.  I have been connected with a great team of advisors who continually guide and motivate me through this academic journey.”

Nicole Meehan is a Psychology student in the Bachelor of Arts degree program.  She has been a member of the Honor Roll and has been described by one of her professors as “an excellent and driven student” and her work “insightful and thought provoking.”  Nicole is truly thankful to be a survivor of a difficult childhood and to have the chance to better her life through her education.

“I have so much gratitude in excess these days that I am very pleased to have an opportunity to voice it.  I am walking into the light at the end of a long dark tunnel and it feels wonderful.  It’s safe to say I am grateful for every waking moment, for all the sorrow and the joy and for every lesson on the way to becoming me…And just where am I headed…towards a position where I can help people who were lost in darkness as I was.  I want to show them that there is hope.  That sometimes we have to burn, in order to rise anew.  I am grateful for that knowledge.  I am grateful for my college.  I am grateful for my life.”

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