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Argosy University alumni are making a tremendous impact on both their professions and communities.We wanted to take a moment and share some of their outstanding accomplishments with you.

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Dr. Susan Feneck - Working with at-risk youth and seeing first-hand the positive impact of your services is incredibly rewarding.

Degree: Doctor of Education
Program: Counseling Psychology
Campus: Argosy University, Sarasota
Year graduated: 2000

Dr. Susan Feneck has held many titles—educator, psychologist, international traveler and now screenwriter.

Feneck completed her Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University, Sarasota in 2000 and soon began working as a Child Psychologist and Special Forensic Case Manager for the Erie County Department of Forensic Mental Health in Buffalo, New York. “Working with at-risk youth and seeing first-hand the positive impact of your services is incredibly rewarding,” says Feneck. She held this position for seven years—evaluating, diagnosing and treating troubled youth—never thinking that this experience would one day serve as her inspiration for a screenplay.

During this time, Feneck also taught as an Adjunct Professor in Counseling and Human Services for Canisius College, where she had obtained her undergraduate and master’s degree. “It is truly an honor to help students prepare for their careers,” says Feneck, who was able to match students with internships at the detention facility and family court where she worked.

Then, in 2009, Feneck accepted a position as the Special Assistant to the President for The American University in Dubai. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” she says of the chance to travel to and work in Dubai for three years. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2012, Feneck decided to try her hand at writing. Drawing on her past experiences, she developed the screenplay “Jumpsuit Shackle” about a psychologist representing troubled youth in a dysfunctional justice system. In January 2013, she produced and directed a theatrical reading of the play and now hopes to turn her work into a motion picture. “My advice is to never give up and never let anyone get in the way of your dreams,” says Feneck, who is proud of her accomplishments thus far and has big plans for the future.

Regina D. Roschi - President's Volunteer Service Award Recipient

Degree: Associate of Science
Program: Dental Hygiene
Campus: Argosy University, Twin Cities
Year graduated: 2011

Regina D. Roschi is working as a registered dental hygienist for Oak Cliff Dental in Eagan, Minnesota. She began her career in the dental field as a chair side assistant, trained on the job by a dentist she’d known since childhood. Regina discovered that she enjoyed the professional atmosphere of the office—as well as learning the skills of dentistry. “As I watched the dental hygienists, I realized that [this] is what I really wanted to be doing. Working one-on-one with my own patients and seeing the difference that my care could bring was the pull I felt toward [studying dental hygiene],” she says.

Regina enrolled in the Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene program at Argosy University, Twin Cities and completed her degree in 2011. She initially had difficulties taking exams but her instructors understood that she had a firm grasp on the material. “[My instructor] encouraged me to seek [assistance] from the school counselors. It changed my life. I overcame a paralyzing fear of testing and by the time I had to take my board exams, I felt confident that what I knew would translate onto the test.

Today, Regina works in two private practice dental offices. She provides oral hygiene care, instruction, and follows up with patients with conditions from simple gingivitis to severe periodontal disease. “I work closely with the dentists and my patients to ensure they understand their conditions, how they got to this point, and what their treatment options are.” Regina asserts that her goal as a dental professional is to help her patients to not only achieve dental health, but to maintain it.

In addition to her work at Oak Cliff Dental, Regina volunteers with Medical Teams International (MTI) on its mobile dental unit. She began her volunteerism the day that she received her registered dental hygienist license. In 2011, she earned an “Above and Beyond” award for her work from MTI. That same year, she received a bronze “The President’s Volunteer Service Award” and a letter from President Obama for completing 100 hours of volunteer service.

Jeff Borden, EDD - U.S. Senate Subcommittee  on Education Presenter

Degree: Doctor of Education
Program: Instructional Leadership
Campus: Argosy University, Denver
Year graduated: 2011

Dr. Jeff Borden serves as Vice President of Instruction and Academic Strategy at Pearson eCollege, the world’s leading provider of educational materials. There, he is is shaping minds as he changes the way the education system views online learning.

One of the biggest challenges Borden faces today is “showing people that my message is not simply an eCollege/Pearson centric one, but one which can help change education and the lives of people seeking to learn.

Since 1998, Borden has created and taught dozens of online classes. In his current position, Borden reports directly to the President of Pearson eCollege and helps various faculty members, administrators and trainers design their online classes for optimal academic success. Borden also writes a monthly column for the eCollege portal site and has been the keynote speaker for several conferences, workshops, seminars, and education consulting events around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Australia.

Borden, received his B.A. and M.A. in Human Communication from the University of Northern Colorado and taught at UNC and the Metro State College of Denver. After receiving his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Argosy University, Denver, Borden went on to earn the Vice President of Instruction and Academic Strategy position at Pearson eCollege.

Recently, his academic background helped Borden present on the future of education and the impact of technology in front of members of the U.S. Senate’s Subcommittee on Education. Borden went on to create his own seminar series entitled “Teaching Master Teachers: Practical Teaching Applications” as well as published a workbook for public speaking and several articles for various communication books. Borden admits one of his biggest challenges is constantly staying in tune with the pulse of education and attempting to show people where it is going.

Connie Morlett - Co-Parenting Center Program Coordinator

Degree: Master of Arts
Program: Clinical Psychology
Campus: Argosy University, Orange County
Year graduated: 2011

Connie Morlett wanted a rewarding career that could help change the lives of others. Even though Morlett was always interested in psychotherapy, there were many different types of therapists and roads to choose from. Morlett realized that she had to expose herself to a variety of experiences. So she decided to immerse herself in the local community and joined a non-profit agency, Vets Journey Home, which is dedicated to helping veterans upon their return. By participating in their weekend workshops, she helped veterans heal the wounds from deployment, battle, PTSD, military sexual trauma, traumatic brain injuries, divorce and addiction. For Morlett, just having the chance to work with vets and help them heal was a gift and honor. Not only that, but it was a step in the right direction to discovering herself and her decision to return to school.

Morlett already had a strong educational background. With a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree, she helped manage various programs, departments and schools in the adult education field since 2000. Nevertheless, she wanted to leverage her background in business into something that could help others directly. As a result, she enrolled in the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Program at Argosy University, Orange County and completed her degree in 2011.

In July 2012, she opened up her own practice in Orange County, joining forces with Ajasrika Wellness Center, a wellness spa dedicated to whole healing with a balanced range of therapies. Morlett continues to support individuals and their families through psychotherapy. She is a program coordinator for the new Co-Parenting Center at SPIRIT & LifeQuest Counseling, and has helped develop its court approved curriculum to improve divorced co-parenting relationships for the child’s safety and wellbeing. Furthermore, Morlett continues her work in private practice, predominantly serving the Latino community.

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