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Argosy University, Chicago, Celebrates Youngest-Ever Student to Defend Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation

Argosy University, Chicago student Emily Bedal successfully defended her dissertation on April 4, 2016. At 25 years of age, she will be the youngest individual to ever receive a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from Argosy University. Ms. Bedal also earned her Master of Business Administration at Argosy University, Chicago.
Ms. Bedal’s dissertation, titled “Influences of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions on Advertising Expenditure Shares Across Countries,” assessed how variations in cultural dimensions—including power, distance, indulgence, and individualism—impacted the choice of advertising media for firms across national cultures.
A native of Yorkville, Illinois, Ms. Bedal is employed as a Marketing Coordinator for a commercial flooring company located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. In addition to recently completing her dissertation, she is currently planning her Spring 2016 wedding.

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