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Argosy University, Dallas’ Dr. Singleton and Dr. Smith Present at International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Dr. George Singleton and Dr. Wayne Smith University, instructors, Graduate School of Business and Management, Argosy University, Dallas recently presented at the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their presentation was based on a paper submission titled "Can Neural Networks Help Diagnose?"


According to the abstract, "the coupling of artificial intelligence technologies with advanced medical practice may improve the practice of medicine and deliver efficient results for patients and providers alike.  Advancements in data collection, electronic records and neural networks synergistically advance the goal. Case studies on various types of cancer and other serious life-threatening diseases are available for artificially intelligent technologies to utilize in the furtherance of disease detection and treatment. Artificial intelligence is advancing on several fronts and the synergy of these advances is exciting for the medical community."  


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