Press Release

Argosy University, Northern Virginia’s Dr. Sharpless Talks “Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal”

Brian A. Sharpless, Ph.D., associate professor of clinical psychology at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University | Northern Virginia recently gave lecture at the National Science Foundation titled “The Original Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal.”  

According to Dr. Sharpless, humans throughout history have described a peculiar state between sleep and wakefulness characterized by paralysis, conscious awareness, of one’s surroundings, and terrifying hallucinations. This phenomenon is referred to as sleep paralysis, but it has gone by many other names depending upon time, place, and culture. Although it’s a very scary experience, not many know about it even through it’s a well-understood sleep disorder. Dr. Sharpless’ talk also discussed past “interesting” attempts to treat these episodes.