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Argosy University, Orange County Campus Graduate serves as Royal Thai Ambassador and Buddhist Monk

Thailand, a southeastern Asian country whose name bears the meaning "land of freedom," is also known as the "land of smiles" because of the many friendly and welcoming faces. It is no wonder why Argosy University, Orange County graduate and Thailand native Dr. Sukhumpong Channuwong is always smiling. And with all that he has achieved thus far, he has plenty to smile about.

Since becoming a Buddhist novice at the young age of 12, Dr. Channuwong dedicated his life to that of strict discipline under the Buddhist principles. Part of being a Buddhist novice includes upholding the Thai tradition and performing in sacred ceremonies. It also comprises taking spiritual retreats to help establish healthy behavior. "After I practiced meditation and prayed very often, I was able to replace the rowdy behavior I had as a young boy with concentration, calmness and wisdom," explains Channuwong.

His outstanding ability to focus his mind has helped him tremendously with his educational endeavors. Channuwong mastered Pali and Sanskrit, languages he used to write down Buddhist scriptures at the impressive age of 20 years old. Because he completed such an outstanding accomplishment, he received the honor of partaking in an ordination ceremony that the king of Thailand hosted. "In Thailand, being supported by the king is considered to be a very honorable achievement," says Channuwong.

After completing his master's degree, Channuwong was accepted as the Royal Thai Ambassador in the United States. His role as Royal Thai Ambassador allowed him to teach others about Thai culture. It was during his time in the United States that he decided that Argosy University, Orange County would be the best institution for him to continue his studies and accomplish his goal of achieving his doctorate degree within the field of management.

"Argosy University, Orange County helped to improve my skills in terms of reading, writing, critical thinking and creative ideation," expresses Channuwong. "Argosy University, Orange County was very flexible and allowed me the opportunity to both study and work," continues Channuwong.

Dr. Channuwong believes that Argosy University, Orange County positively impacted his educational growth. He credits the strong academic program at Argosy University, Orange County by stating, "Argosy University taught me more than just theory. It gave me the real knowledge and real experiences in doing a business as well as information that can be applied to my everyday life."

Although already having achieved so much as such a young age, there are no plans for Channuwong to slow down. His future aspirations include helping to build a great school similar to that of Argosy University, Orange Country in his native land so that the people of Thailand can receive strong educational training similar to that which Channuwong received while attending Argosy University, Orange County.

Today, Channuwong currently serves as an instructor of management at Krirk University, as well as an assistant senator of Khon Kaen Providence, both located in Thailand. He holds these positions while continuing to serve as a Buddhist monk. When asked how he is able to manage to do so many things, he states with great humility: " I am a simple person."

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