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Argosy University, Schaumburg Student Serves as Apprentice for IPA

(Schaumburg, October 2015)  Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Schaumburg Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology student Haripriya (Priya) Sharma has been appointed as a student apprentice on the Illinois Psychological Association’s (IPA) Legislative Committee.

The IPA Legislative Committee has the following responsibilities:

1) Monitoring, developing and promoting legislation at State and Federal levels which has relevance to the interest and practice of psychology,

2) Developing and maintaining relationships with legislators and legislative committees having an interest in the mental health and wellbeing of the citizens of Illinois.

3) Recommending to the council legislative actions to be taken in the interest of the profession and the public.

As an apprentice for the Illinois Psychological Association's legislative apprenticeship, Priya will be able to join committee members and representatives in public policy making at the local, state and federal level in regards to psychology. Priya’s mentor, Dr. Patricia Pimental of the Schaumburg campus, will direct her on writing appropriate bills, the process of implementing a bill or policy, and how it reaches Capitol Hill. Priya will help Dr. Pimental to publish blogs for the IPA and help run a workshop at the IPA Annual Convention in November.

Priya said, “I will hold the title for a full year, gaining as much knowledge and skills that I can take further into my profession; plus bring back knowledge to my peers that may prove beneficial to them despite the specialty they choose. And I'm excited and very proud to be representing the Schaumburg program as the IPA Legislation Apprentice.”

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