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Assistant Principal, Responsible for Addressing Behavioral Needs Within Lewis-Palmer Middle School

2015, Master of Arts in Education, Educational Administration, Argosy University, Denver

Assistant Principal, Lewis-Palmer Middle School 

“[At Argosy University, Denver, we had guest speakers, providing us with the] opportunity to learn what they have learned, and get some of the bumps out of the road right away. We didn’t have to learn them on our own, that was amazing.”  

Stacy Hall is an assistant principal at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument, Colorado. Her career started out in teaching, and she says that it’s been a relatively easy transition to an administrative role. “In my previous position and my previous building, I was still on the teacher side but in very much of a hybrid role. My hybrid role was special education staffing coordinator and Response to Intervention work in the afternoon.” She’s utilizing that experience in her current role. “[I’m now] supporting kids, families, and co-workers on a level that I could not do at the classroom level.”

Stacy works primarily with 7th graders and their families—as well as teachers—to address needs behavioral needs within the classroom. Her work as a vice principal focuses on discipline. “I might not have the instructional impact [of a] principal, but I can partner with the kids and parents. I have teachable moments around why we need to act the way we do in a school setting.” Her work sets the students up for success during the rest of their educational career. She’s also involved in coaching teachers, allowing her to get back into the classroom and provide feedback. “It’s a marathon, and not a sprint,” she adds.

At Argosy University, Denver, Stacy began her studies to prepare for a career in administration. She specifically cites the course “Supervision & Evaluation” as being vitally important to her work as an assistant principal. “The depth of knowledge that we were given—and the process, understanding, and coaching through tough conversations [was so important. We also had] the opportunity to practice and be talked through what worked well and what we’d change.”

In addition to her on-ground learning, Stacy had an online component to her master’s degree. “I really like online learning. It works well for me,” she says. 

Argosy University, Denver also brought in speakers to help the students better understand real world situations. “[We had the] opportunity to learn what they have learned, and get some of the bumps out of the road right away. We didn’t have to learn them on our own, that was amazing.”  

Today, she is using those skills to prioritize needs—taking care of what must be done now, and holding off on issues that can wait. “I tend to be pretty good at understanding the urgency.  But when it is a kid versus a parent verses as staff member, where should my time really go? Ultimately it is to the students. That is why we are here.  That is something that you can’t learn in a text book. You have to experience it.” 

Stacy, who in 2015 earned a Master of Arts in Education, Educational Administration from Argosy University, Denver states that the curriculum prepared her for issues that administrators face every day. “It was practical learning. [It described] why you are learning it and why you need to know it.”  

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