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Atlanta Graduate Given Taskforce Member of the Year Award from Georgia Commission on Family Violence

The Georgia Commission on Family Violence has awarded Michelle Toledo Cainas the Taskforce Member of the Year Award. Cainas serves as chair of the Forsyth County Anti-Violence Taskforce: Collaborative Response to Sexual and Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking. She holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Florida Metropolitan University and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University, Atlanta (earned in 2012). Cainas founded Georgia Latinos Against Domestic Violence (GLADV) in 2009, as a task force to support the Latino community and those who work with them. During this time, GLADV held community meetings to ensure advocates had a platform for education and networking. Through GLADV, Michelle has organized training for advocates, law enforcement and other social service providers.

For more information about the award, visit here.

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