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Atlanta’s AJ Merrill Provides Tips for Entrepreneurs

Arthur “AJ” Merrill, a business consultant and adjunct faculty member in the College of Arts & Sciences at Argosy University, Atlanta, recently discussed tips for entrepreneurs in “Home Business Magazine” and “” National Entrepreneurship Week takes place the last week in February. that were published in Home Business Magazine and


In the articles, Merrill states that “potential entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with people who are very much for them, and very much for what they are doing.” Merrill’s tips for entrepreneurs include:


·        Find Your Personal Passion

·        Create Elements that will sustain and Spark Passion 

·        Build the Right Support Group


Merrill is a graduate of the University of Southern California law school. In addition to 20 years’ of experience working on technology deals, startup and growth companies, representation of artists, and advising leaders of investment organizations on the likely effects of technology trends, he also has 14 years’ of experience as an instructor of business and law. Merrill spent 31 years working in the entertainment business as an attorney. He currently teaches courses in business administration and criminal justice at Argosy University, Atlanta.


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