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Billing Coordinator Single Mom Who Overcame Adversity to Complete Degree

2015, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Argosy University, Online Programs

Tanya Daviddson is working as a billing coordinator for Penske, a job she says she earned because a Bachelor’s degree was required to apply for it. “I interviewed for the job prior to completing my degree, finished my degree in November of 2015, and received the job offer in January 2016.” In her current position, she interacts with customers via phone and email to provide resolution and assistance for customer billing requests. She also assists with coordinating billing process changes, executing quality assurance procedures, and identifying potential issues.

Tanya is excited to have graduated with honors after deciding to return to school. She lost her parents eight years ago and faced an uncertain educational future. “[I wanted to] finish my degree that I started when my parents were still alive. I had to stop attending school before to help them out due to [their] health issues. Then my mom passed away. Less then six months after that, my dad was [tragically] killed. I faced major depression after that and did not have the focus to attend school.”

But with perseverance, she found the courage to return and to graduate. She recommends that current students stay focused—just as she did—on the goal of obtaining a degree. “I had to overcome being a single mom who worked full time while attending school. I dealt with health issues that at times made it hard to focus on schoolwork but I pushed through it and still gave my all to my coursework,” she adds.

In addition to her full time job at Penske, Tanya works part time at a local hospital. “I [also] volunteer and help as needed with my son’s Boy Scout troop. I get my kids involved with volunteer activities including helping with the local food bank at Salvation Army. We do and give back as much as we can in our community.”

Tanya, who in 2015 earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Argosy University, Online Programs, says that the school gave her the flexibility she needed to complete her degree. “[It] gave me the skills and knowledge needed for my current job in the business world. It also has helped me to stay focused on the tasks at hand that I face at work—I view them as if they were my assignments. Having attendance requirements and schedules to keep has helped me to see that dedication is also needed for the job I currently have.” She asserts that school and work require the same motivation, dedication, hard work, and attendance.

In addition to allowing her to achieve a new job, Tanya’s education has proven to be motivational to her children. “[It’s] helped me show my kids that at any age and with dedication, you can achieve your goals in life. It has helped me show them that education is important in obtaining a good paying job in a great company with so many opportunities.”

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