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Dedicated to Transitioning Young Homeless Individuals into Productive Community Leaders

Oluwole Aderemi-Ata is the founder and executive director at Lifeconnect Incorporated in Minnesota, an organization he developed while earning his Master of Public Health degree. Lifeconnect identifies and provides transitional housing for homeless youth and young adults. Oluwole’s organization provides support and housing to turn these young people into leaders who can positively impact their communities.

Oluwole’s path to his current position began with a background in microbiology and management science. “I have extensive experience in the field of public health, working with a number of nonprofit organizations within and outside the United States. I am passionate about helping people living in poverty, homeless, and the underserved population.” To achieve this goal, Oluwole decided to return to school to pursue an advanced degree.

“Looking at my background and my work experiences, I decided to pursue my masters of public health degree at Argosy University, Twin Cities.” The concept for Lifeconnect evolved while Oluwole was still a student. “Working on a class project, I saw problems associated with homeless youth and young adults in Minnesota. I was moved and motivated to act, which led to the creation of Lifeconnect Incorporated.”

His work at Lifeconnect allows him to assist homeless youth and empower them to become self-sufficient. Oluwole strives to continue the organization’s growth and awareness within the region—while building partnerships with like-minded organizations that can further assist those he serves. “We started hosting periodic educational outreach events in collaboration with local businesses, community libraries, and schools to offer many opportunities for the reduction of depravity and poverty through needed intervention, [We] provide as many individuals as possible with a foundation for future success through these educational events,” he says. The event topics range from career goals and financial resource management to sustaining a job or career, and are offered at no charge.

Recently, Lifeconnect Incorporated published the book “Just What You Need” as a fundraiser for the organization and as a resource to educate homeless youth and young adults. The book is available on and covers the concepts of noble cause, leadership, use of skills, and strengths in businesses or job market. “[It also discusses] talents and passion in making career choices, career planning, and setting career goals,” Oluwole says.

Oluwole, who in 2014 earned a Master of Public Health from Argosy University, Twin Cities, recommends that current students take the time to plot out a career path—and understand what they want to achieve with their degree. “Explore your talents and acquire the skills you need to perform well in your desired field by looking for the opportunities to learn these skills. Build capacity, get empowered, and build healthy professional relationships throughout your professional journey.”

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