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Dreams Come True With a Little Help from Your Family

Naser A. N. Aboyassin dreamed of continuing his education after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from King Abdul Aziz University/Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The dream came true 20 years later when he moved from his home country of Jordan to the United States with his wife and three young children. With a full-time job and a family to support in a new country, returning to school was a big decision. “We agreed it was the right thing to do, but it was a big sacrifice to my family,” he said, “How can you explain to a one-year-old that you have to study?” He earned a master’s degree in Business Administration at National University/Los Angeles Campus and shortly after began work on his Doctor of Business Administration at Argosy University, Orange County.

“I researched the university before applying. It’s a good doctoral program,” he said, “The mix of online and on-campus courses gave me interaction and convenience. I also like the idea of having campuses across the country. We are all part of a big community.” With strong support from his wife and children, Dr.  Aboyassin completed the program in less than three years.

An article associated with his dissertation will publish in 2008. It is entitled, “Managers' belief in employees' job and psychological readiness, and employees' participation in decision-making: A comparison between American and Jordanian managers.” You will find it in the International Journal of Commerce and Management, Volume 18, No. 3, 2008.

“Going back to school opened my mind, my heart, and the way I see life and people. I encouraged my wife to discover the same enjoyment,” he said. Heeding his advice, Dr. Aboyassin’s wife has earned her master’s degree. His family quickly adapted to life in America. “When we arrived, the children didn’t speak more than a few words in English,” said Dr. Aboyassin, “I recently received a letter from my daughter’s school informing me that she was the student of the month, earning the highest grade in Language Arts.”

Of his time at the Orange County campus, Dr. Aboyassin said, "Without my wife and children’s understanding, encouragement, and sacrifice, I would not have been able to complete my doctorate. It was not an easy task, but as Chairman of my dissertation committee, Dr. Sangster provided guidance that kept me focused. Further, it is a very nice feeling to see your dissertation topic published."

Dr. Aboyassin plans to expand his dissertation research and make a career shift from business to academia. “I’m glad I got my higher degrees," he continued, "In the master's program, I was one of oldest students. In the doctorate program, I was one of the youngest. It’s never too late for education."

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