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Falling Into Place: Argosy Doctorial Student, Stephanie Dailey, Brings Practical Experience into the Classroom

After speaking with Stephanie Dailey, a wealth of words come to mind that would be apt to describe her. Cheerful, intelligent and determined are among them, but the quality that stands out above the others, and the one that seems to truly describe Stephanie's character. She is full of energy.

Following her graduation from Virginia Tech where she received her bachelor's degree in Psychology, she took a job with Accenture, one of the world's largest consulting firms. She enjoyed her early success, and eventually became a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, another global consulting company. However, there was something missing from Stephanie's life. "[My job] wasn't calling me. My heart wasn't in it-work was becoming harder and harder and harder. It got to the point where I didn't care anymore."

Stephanie thought back to her parents in Roanoke, Virginia, where she had been raised. They had worked so hard to instill the virtue of volunteer work in their daughter. While still in high school, Stephanie volunteered at a variety of women's advocacy groups including rape crisis centers and Planned Parenthood.

As a student at Virginia Tech, Stephanie found the intersection of her passions working as a Research Assistant for a dissertation on eating disorders among college-age women. So, although her job as a consultant was more than financially sound, it wasn't the type of work that she was passionate about. The decision to go back to school was becoming clear.

While continuing her full-time consulting job, she began searching for a night school in the Washington, DC area. In 2002, she found Argosy University, Washington DC where she remains today. It was at Argosy that she was able take classes at night and on the weekends. In addition to having the master's degree program she was interested in, Stephanie was impressed by the Argosy faculty. She describes her classes as "a really focused career day," the professors can "speak about what they are interested in. They can give you actual scenarios." The inclusion of practical experience in the classroom struck Stephanie as the perfect balance between the academic and work worlds.

After completing her master's degree in Professional Counseling, Stephanie began work on her Doctorate of Education in Professional Counseling (EdD). It was around this time that "everything fell into place." She left her consulting job and began work at Community Residences as a Residential Community Mental Health Counselor. Today, she continues to work towards her licensure in Professional Counseling with the hopes of someday having a private practice and raising a family.

Within the coming months, an article Stephanie has written on Mindfulness in Counseling will be published in a professional journal called ASERVIC. Later this year, she is traveling to Hawaii to co-present work, with her advisor, at the American Counseling Association Conference. Despite her full-time job, part-time teaching and doctorial work, Stephanie still finds the energy to take dance classes with friends, and go out to dinner with her husband. It looks, finally, like everything has fallen into place.

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