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Flexible course scheduling helped Jennifer L. Nanson balance a full-time college education and single motherhood.

“I needed a program that offered classes that would work around my schedule,” she says. “I chose Argosy University, Phoenix after visiting the different schools and programs that were offered in the Phoenix area for Psychology.”

Jennifer began her career working in a local emergency room. The more patients she came in contact with, the more she desired to work with individuals experiencing psychological difficulties.  

She graduated from Argosy University, Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2010. The degree program enabled her to sharpen her skills in communication, critical thinking, and research and helped her understand ethics in psychology. Overall, the experience allowed her to develop empathy and sensitivity to other people in providing psychological services in the future.

Jennifer decided to continue her education at the Phoenix campus and is currently studying for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

“My experience at Argosy University, Phoenix was amazing,” she says. “I was able to participate in student government, which allowed me to facilitate campus activities.”

In addition, college helped Jennifer network with faculty and students campus-wide. “The faculty brought a wealth of knowledge and personal experience into the classroom,” she says.

Jennifer encourages future students to reach out to their friends, classmates, and professors, and to be an active participant in their educational experience.

“When it feels like the stress has surpassed your limits and that you feel you   cannot make it through another semester or that you are ready to give it all up, take a moment to focus on the present and put one foot in front of the other,” she says.

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