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From Iraq to Argosy University, Twin Cities

Sa’ad Dayem completed a bachelor’s degree at the College of Medicine at the University of Baghdad in Iraq. He then worked as a physician in different countries throughout the Middle East before moving to the United States and enrolling at Argosy University, Twin Cities. “ I chose Argosy University because of my keen interest in Medical Ultrasound, and because of the opportunity to complete a concentration in echocardiography,” he said.

After earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with a concentration in Echocardiography at the Twin Cities campus, he obtained a position as a Cardiac Sonographer at Mercy and Unity Hospitals. He now performs 2-D, M-Mode, Color Doppler and Spectral Doppler echoes by using different types of ultrasound equipment.

As his career progresses, Dayem has become involved in other echo procedures such as “Bubble Studies” for stroke patients, “Contrast” for more accurate assessment of heart chambers and cardiac function, and stress echoes.  He regularly utilizes skills acquired at Argosy University to assist cardiologists in performing Transesophageal Echoes (TEEs) and Intracardiac Ultrasound for Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) closure.

His successful experience and contributions to the field have provided him the opportunity to present at the Minnesota Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound’s Annual Conference. He delivered two speeches entitled, “Diastolic Function: Constriction and Restriction” and “Right-Sided Valve Disease.”

Of his time at the university, he said, “Every class at Argosy University was valuable. The faculty was knowledgeable, cooperative, and always willing to answer questions. They created a great learning environment.”

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